Characters Awakened Devil Fruit Powers: In the world of One Piece, Devil Fruits are renowned for being hidden underwater treasures. In exchange for the ability to swim, eating one endows the eater with amazing skills. The user can transcend the restrictions and awaken their powers even though the powers of Devil Fruits are often restricted. This is possible with extensive use and mastery of the powers.

One Piece features a few people who make use of the Devil Fruit’s awakened powers, and fans will see more of it in the future. Despite the likelihood that certain characters will soon awaken their Devil Fruits, others do not currently possess the necessary skills.

characters Awakened Devil Fruit

Crocodiles are nearly masters of the sand.

Sand is something that Crocodiles can easily change into, produce, and control. He has stronger control over his talents than Sabo, though, and is considerably more at ease employing them in combat. Additionally, if there is a nearby underground waterway, he has the ability to produce large sandstorms, several bladed weapons, and quicksand. It is quite possible that he will awaken his Devil Fruit’s powers sooner rather than later given how lethal and adeptly he has honed his skills up to this point.

characters Awakened Devil Fruit

Sabo is hot-tempered but inexperienced with his abilities.

Sabo possesses the Mera Mera No Mi power, which allows him to produce, command, and change his body into the fire at will. Despite his best efforts, he continues to struggle with regulating his newfound powers. He still prefers to avoid strikes rather than launch a counterattack using his own abilities,

even if he now possesses the might of a Devil Fruit. It is unlikely that he won’t be awakening its powers anytime soon due to his inexperience unless he further develops and learns control over his existing skills.

characters Awakened Devil Fruit

Big Mom Probably Awakened Or Will Awaken Her Devil Fruit Powers Soon

One of the Four Emperors is Big Mom, also referred to as Charlotte Linlin. She shares many of the same abilities as Blackbeard when it comes to the Soru Soru No Mi Devil Fruit. When viewers realised that Big Mom could communicate with and control human souls thanks to this Devil Fruit,

they were horrified. These abilities were first employed by Carmel, but following Carmel’s passing, Big Mom received them. As Katakuri, Big Mom’s deputy, has already developed his own Devil Fruit abilities, it is very possible that Big Mom will do the same soon, if she hasn’t already.

characters Awakened Devil Fruit

Shiryu’s level of mastery over the fruit is unknown.

Shiryu can turn himself and anything he is holding invisible thanks to the Suke Suke No Mi, a Devil Fruit, but he is not nearly as strong as Marshall D. Teach. Teach may have allowed Shiryu to join his crew after Shiryu helped save the crew from being poisoned

and even given Shiryu the position of being one of ten individuals to personally guard him, but Shiryu’s most significant conflicts have been as a member of the crew rather than on his own. Although it is unknown how much control he presently has over battle, his skills may be valuable.

characters Awakened Devil Fruit

With His Ancient Roan Devil Fruit, King Is Extremely Powerful.

King consumed the Devil Fruit known as Ryu Ryu No Mi: Pteranodon, an Ancient Zoan species. King’s transformation into a pteranodon and a pteranodon-hybrid was made possible by this Devil Fruit. His physical capabilities were also substantially improved, and when he is fully transformed into a pteranodon,

he can cause significant damage to anything he flies into, including large ships. He can fire strong flying air slashes that can cut through a variety of objects

when he is in his hybrid form. King is a very skilled warrior overall, especially when armed with two forms that have strong skills, therefore it is very possible that he will awaken his powers soon.

characters Awakened Devil Fruit

How to Awaken Brook’s Devil Fruit Is a Mystery (characters Awakened Devil Fruit)

In “Soul King” The Straw Hat Pirates’ musician is Brook. He possesses the Yomi Yomi no Mi powers, which once allowed him to be brought back from the dead. It is unknown how Brook’s Devil Fruit might awaken, and it is a very enigmatic fruit. In addition, Brook is considerably weaker than some of the other crew members, such as Luffy. Viewers may not yet understand the significance of Brook possibly awakening his Devil Fruit, at least until they discover how to do so.

characters Awakened Devil Fruit

Smoking is becoming more powerful in the military.

Smoker is one of the Navy personnel in charge of the G-5 team. He became a Vice-Admiral during the time-skip, which indicates that he is an expert user of both Armament and Observation Haki. Smoker also possesses the Moku Moku no Mi’s power, a Devil Fruit that is similar to a Logia. It is inevitable that he will eventually join the Admirals given the way he is currently developing. Viewers believe that obtaining Devil Fruit awakening will help them achieve that goal more quickly given the existing path of climbing ranks.

Daifuku Can Operate A Genie With Basic Control (characters Awakened Devil Fruit)

A past master with a bounty of 300 million berries on his head, Daifuku is one of the Big Mom Pirates. He is a rather strong pirate who possesses the Hoya Hoya no Mi powers, which turn him into a lamp human. A Genie is under Daifuku’s complete control. Although this appears to be quite strong, his use of the power is actually quite simple. He is also not intelligent enough to rapidly awaken his Devil Fruit.

Two Devil Fruits Have More Power Than Marshall D. Teach (characters Awakened Devil Fruit)

The leader of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the Four Emperors of the Sea is each, also known as Blackbeard. He controls the Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi powers. Given that he can employ the abilities of these Devil Fruits to generate shockwaves

and, accordingly, manipulate the powers of darkness, he is an extraordinarily strong pirate. Despite his immense power, both traits appear to be dormant. Although spectators anticipate Teach will eventually awaken both Devil Fruits and grow to be one of the most powerful characters on One Piece’s seas, this is only a prediction.

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