Actual Earnings of Marvel: How Amazing when Marvel started Marvel Cinematic Universe

Actual Earnings of Marvel: That time it did not expect much earning

from its movies instead it expected its first movie Iron Man 1 to increase

the sales of the marvel manufactured super hero toys

and also the other products of Marvel how ever and Marvel was expecting as to earn more money

from the sales of those marvel toys than the movie itself.

But i mean here is the interesting fact associated with it.

So let’s us get the fact revealed further.

Actual Earnings of Marvel
How much is the actual Earning of Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Although Marvel was expecting Iron Man 1 to earn not more than 100 million US dollars worldwide.

But to a great surprise of Marvel that Iron Man 1 not only completed the target of 100 million

US dollars in just its first week of release but also Iron Man 1

also earned a whooping total of 583 million US dollar worldwide

and even the more interesting thing is that,

if we take into consideration infact the total earning of all the movies of marvel from Iron Man 1

To Far From Home then the total earning of Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually

more than the lifetime earning of yet in brief Star Wars Series,

DCU and Transformers series altogether. Star Wars series, DCU and Transformer movie series together had a collection of 17.3 billion US dollars worldwide

and you will shock to know that the total earning of only Marvel’s movies is 21.6 billion US dollars,

which interestingly is even higher than the GDP of many of the third world countries as well.

Marvel DC break his own record every time when they launch new movie world wide every time.

Isn’t the fact, interesting?

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