Thor power: We all have seen Thor how powerful he is and how

Thor power: he can beat highly strong and powerful enemies with his will power and never give up attitude.

But the question is what the peak of Thor’s power is?

Is the top reached in Avengers Infinity War or it is yet to be achieved?

Let’s check the answer of this question The answer is that

the top is yet to be achieved

If you have read marvel comics then you must have noticed that the on screen

Thor is much weak as compared to the one mentioned in the comics and also as

we have seen Thor throughout his movies then we all have noticed that his powers

have kept increasing with the peak of his powers seen in infinity war

Thor power
How much power does Thor has?

But there is still more to come we all know how powerful Odin was.

Odin was able to defeat Hela and was also able to defeat Surtur and took eternity flame

from him but Odin has given many indications in various movies that Thor can go beyond his powers,

be it in Thor or Thor Ragnarok. Even in Ragnarok when Thor was saying that

he is not as stronger as Odin and cannot defeat Hela without his hammer then

Odin replied that he can and he has more powers just he has not realized it yet.

So it means the peak of Thor is yet to come and we might get to see stronger villains and stronger Thor in his upcoming movies.

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