When it comes to money for superman


I would say that Money is quite pretty much meaningless whenever it comes to Superman.

Superman can make millions of diamonds out of coal just in a second if he really wants.

He can also recover lost sea treasure or he can also go to some mines

and can mine very Precious metals.

And all this can be done just with his all with his bare hands.

Superman has special access to price-less alien artifacts/fauna/flora and technology.

If superman really wanted to in that situation,

he could have simply charged a million dollars just for a pop for placing satellites

into orbit hahahahaha lol. So in and all Superman can have as much money if

he really wants. Since his only wants are simple things.

Surprisingly here we are taking about the Superman movie’s earrings and their profits.

We will see how much each movie has earned and what was their release dates

and production cost.

Let’s get into it J

Date BudgetWeekendBox OfficeBox Office
Aug 23, 2020Superman: Man of Tomorrow    
Mar 25,, 2016Batman v Superman: Dawn of …$263,000,000$166,007,347$330,360,194$872,395,091
Jun 14, 2013Man of Steel$225,000,000$116,619,362$291,045,518$667,999,518
Feb 26,, 2008Justice League – The New Fr…    
Jun 28, 2006Superman Returns$232,000,000$52,535,096$200,120,000$391,081,192
Jul 24, 1987Superman IV: The Quest for …$17,000,000$5,683,122$14,522,355$36,700,000
Nov 21, 1984Supergirl $5,738,249$14,296,438$14,296,438
Jun 17, 1983Superman III$39,000,000$13,352,357$59,950,623$80,200,000
Jun 19, 1981Superman II$54,000,000$14,100,522$108,185,706$190,400,000
Dec 15, 1978Superman$55,000,000$7,465,343$134,218,018$300,200,000
Averages $126,428,571$47,687,675$144,087,357$319,159,030
Totals10$885,000,000 $1,152,698,852$2,553,272,239

Super-man movies in release date order

Mention Below you will find all of the Batman movies with their released theatrically

in the decades since the character’s creation.

The Superman Serials (1948 and 1950)

Superman and the Mole Men (1951)

Superman (1978)

SupermanII (1980)

SupermanIII ( 1983)

Supergirl (1984)

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Superman Returns (2006)

Man of Steel (2013)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Justice League (2017)



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