How powerful is Nami with Zeus in One Piece?

Nami with Zeus: In the One Piece world, we’ve repeatedly seen that any weapon/ability has no power unless you recognize how to use it. This theory works better with DF and Haki and the way you train you DF and Haki. We’ve not seen Nami get familiar with any kind of Haki. However, she has monstrous information on climate and controls it, which she mastered during her visit to Weatheria.

Nami has various sorts of Clime-tact during the series, which give her powers, and they are extremely good at using it and make it useful during a fight and innovate her attack accordingly.

Throughout the series, she has developed new ways of using Clime-tact and is ready to create unique and powerful attacks. For example, in the fisherman arc, we’ve seen how Nami blows away an enormous fisherman just with one click of a tact button.

Nami with Zeus
How powerful is Nami with Zeus in One Piece?

Feasibility of Zeus

Zeus may be a thundercloud who possesses the massive mom’s soul, which suggests Zeus is super mighty. We’ve seen from time to time how big mom has used Zeus. On the other hand, Zeus may be a thundercloud, which suggests Nami skills to control it. For example, during Whole Cake, Arc Zeus left big mom and came to Nami for more clouds.

It’s not black and white; I do know that much. Zeus, while the little question is compelling, maybe a detailed ability for Nami. Yes, she will unleash mighty lighting strikes with Zeus now, far more potent than her lightning strikes.

Yes, it covers a good range, but let’s believe this. This isn’t an ability where Nami can casually drop massive amounts of lightning throughout a couple of seconds like Eneru. Also, this is often strictly an offensive move Nami herself hasn’t gained any speed or endurance.

Nami with Zeus

She still has got to agitate Zeus the same as she did together with her Thunderbolt tempo. Unfortunately, this may easily remove many regular foot soldiers, as they likely won’t have access to Soru to flee Zeus home in time. Still, more hardened new world marines or pirates will likely have access to haki, sport, and other means to avoid the devastating destruction Zeus provides.

Nami and Zeus

The level of power may throw many of them off initially, but if they’re fortunate enough to avoid the strike from Zeus (or even tank it), they’re unlikely to fall for it again. If they close the space while Nami is charging Zeus, it’s over for Nami as she’s not a handy hand fighter.

“But what if Nami uses her mirage tempo with Zeus so that they can’t find her location” IMO the basic observation of haki should be more than sufficient enough to decipher the important Nami from the fakes.

Since we” ‘re comparing Nami to higher tiers, they’re potentially getting to have above-average Observation and armament, making it about guaranteed mirage tempo won’t be as effective.

Nami with Zeus

Nami and Zeus is a duo that will become incredibly deadly within the future as long as Nami still fights tactically, but alone it won’t be enough for her to require on the upper tiers. She still needs observation Haki at the very least IMO and armament for defending if she can’t avoid success.

Straw hats get as upgrades soon

I’m excited to ascertain where Nami goes from here and what the opposite straw hats get as upgrades soon (the entire crew really must know basic haki at the very least especially considering their close to combat one among the most vital people within the world.) we” ll see how it plays out!

We have seen in Whole Cake Island how Nami controls Zeus and the way colossal impact that creates. The power-up was so good that she managed to hit Big mom, who isn’t a little thing. She starts to find out how to use Zeus and that I hope as time passes. Oda gives her more power and does not just keep her as Navigator.

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