Humble Characters One Piece Top 10 Humble Characters in the Series, Ranked 

Humble Characters: Among haughty Marines and pirates who believe they’re awesome, these One Piece characters stand apart for being more frank and kind. The One Piece world is to a great extent zeroed in on privateers who set off to the ocean

looking for the fabulous fortune left behind by the Pirate King, known as the One Piece. Following his passing, incalculable pirates took to the seas, making the period more violent than any time in recent memory,

loaded up with unfeeling privateers, savage Marines, and other pleasing figures.  Notwithstanding that, many humble characters in the One Piece world seem to be incredibly well mannered, mindful, and don’t consider themselves the most significant individuals. 

Humble Characters

10. King Cobra (Humble Characters)

King of Alabasta Nefertari Cobra is one of the main characters in the realm of One Piece. Being a relative of the Nefertari family, he is of the establishing groups of the World Government. Cobra stands firm on a critical situation however doesn’t consider himself more significant than his subjects. As indicated by him,

a nation is its kin, and he does what a simply King should do to guarantee the endurance of his kin. In actuality, Cobra is one of the most modest individuals in the Alabasta Arc. 

Humble Characters

9. King Riku (Humble Characters)

The King of Dressrosa, King Riku, has a spot with the Riku family who took over Dressrosa when the Donquixote Family moved to the Holy Land of Mariejois after the improvement of the World Government. Riku is an amazingly modest individual,

and despite Dressrosa being reasonably poor, everyone in the nation is glad subject to his authority. Riku views himself as just as significant as an average person, and individuals have incredible confidence in him, going similarly as giving him all their cash amid hardship. 

Humble Characters

8. Sanji (Humble Characters)

Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates and is perhaps the most caring person in the realm of One Piece and extremely modest too. Having carried on with a horrendous life growing up with the Vinsmoke Family, Sanji has a delicate and good nature.

He also went through 85 days abandoned on the oceans with nothing to eat, showing him the worth of food. Sanji takes care of everybody whether or not they’re his companion or adversary, and he’s one of the maximum considerate characters withinside the story.

Humble Characters

7. Koby (Humble Characters)

A Marine Officer, Koby, was once a hostage on the boat of the privateer Alvida until Luffy liberated him. From that point onwards, Koby chose to battle for his fantasy and turned into a Marine. However, notwithstanding having exceptionally grand objectives, for example, turning into an Admiral of the Navy, Koby is exceptionally modest. 

He is amazingly amenable to everybody and regards every one of his elderly folks. Koby likewise has a solid feeling of equity and will lay his life down for individuals without reconsidering, as seen during the Marineford bend of One Piece. 

Humble Characters

6. Rebecca (Humble Characters)

Rebecca is the previous crown princess of the Kingdom of Dressrosa and one of the focal characters in the Dressrosa circular segment of One Piece. However, Scarlett and Kyros raised Queen Rebecca in mystery after she fled with her better half. Rebecca was instructed not to be impolite to others by her mom,

and her dad helped her shield herself without harming others. She invested a considerable amount of energy battling in the Colosseum for Dressrosa, yet more critically, to carry on with an appropriate existence with Toy Soldier, her dad. 

Humble Characters

5. Mansherry (Humble Characters)

The princess of the Tontatta clan, Mansherry, is an amazingly kind and humble person, as seen towards the finish of the Dressrosa circular segment. Mansherry was detained by the Donquixote Family and utilized for her capacity to mend others; however, because of the Straw Hat Pirates, she was in the end liberated.

Notwithstanding being a princess, Mansherry would not help anybody, and although people weren’t extraordinary to the Tontatta clan, she mended everybody after the fight. 

Humble Characters

4. Dalton 

The King of Drum Island, Dalton, is a commendable person in the One Piece world. Albeit a King, Dalton will not live in Drum Castle,

accepting that he is similarly just about as significant as his subjects and not more. He assists him with peopling on each chance that he gets and makes an honest effort never to bomb them. Dalton is similarly as great a King as any and his job whatsoever Reverie demonstrated the amount he cares about individuals of the world. 

Humble Characters

3. Nefertari Vivi

The Princess of the Alabasta Kingdom, Vivi, had acquired each great nature of her dad, and very much like him, she accepts that a nation is its kin. Vivi is amazingly kind and exceptionally experienced, much more so than a pirate commander on occasion.

She focuses on everyone living in her nation, and despite being eminent, she would take any measures to ensure her kin, as seen all through the Alabasta bend of One Piece. 

2. Jinbe 

The most upright and humble Helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbe, is a significant humble person, notwithstanding having seen

innumerable abhorrences in the human world. Jinbe has endured on account of people like the majority of the Fishmen,

yet he has it in him to look past the bias between the two races. If to blame, he is prepared to try and pay with his life, and he is sufficiently thoughtful to kneel before others assuming it is for everyone’s benefit. 

1. Shirahoshi 

Shirahoshi is the princess of Fishman Island and effectively one of the most modest characters in the story. She was a whiny brat since she was close to nothing and consequently required steady consideration and consideration as a kid. Likewise, because she was Poseidon, her family must be particularly cautious with her

and shield her from every one of the people who had terrible expectations, like Vander Decken IX. Growing up, Shirahoshi acquired the sort and humble heart of her mom, and her unassuming conduct astonished even any semblance of Jinbe. Shirahoshi also has to like Luffy, and she offered her food to Luffy, despite being hungry.

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