11. Minimize the overall importance of the Uchiha clan in relation to every other clan. In the beginning of Naruto, the Uchiha was (while nearly extinct) wasn’t much of a standout from the other ninja clans in Konoha. Then bam, every major enemy was an Uchiha or related to them.

12. While I do want the Naruto series to be more grounded, I would like to see a continued emphasis on the all tailed beast’s, including the “Ten-Tails”. If say, the Nine tailed beasts were problems until they were sealed into children but if things go sideways, Ten-Tails is reformed and world dies.

13. Keep Akatsuki as an actual threat, not the pawns for an Uchiha Lotus Eater plan. The Akatsuki were all The fairly unique and if used correctly could have been interesting villains. Then they just because Uchiha pawns.

14. less focus on Konoha as the “bestest village there is” (first hidden village, first and migthiest kage, strongest kage in multible generations, best military etc.), the overall importance of this one village was the cause of so many of the problems in the series that it is mind boggling that the other villages didn’t gang up on Konoha and wipe it off the face of the shinobi World long ago.

15. More focus on the diverse abilities of the characters instead of their main skills. Also less god lvl characters. The number of OP characters are through the roof by the time of the fourth Shinobi World war. also remove the scene where the majority of the tailed beasts fight the Kyubi and Hachibi and later Madara. A match between two of them can be absolutely breathtaking and super rad, but bringing it to that lvl makes it tiresome and more like grand for the ske of grandiosity rather than showcasing how serious the situation is.



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