10 Interesting facts about Inosuke hashibira

Inosuke: Hello friends. This blog is about another main character of the series demon slayer known as Inosuke Hashibira. He is a male character and friend of Tanjiro and Zenitsu. Here are some interesting facts about Inosuke Hashibira.

1. Inosuke Appearance –

most of the time inosuke is seen wearing a wild boar head which he killed in a fight. He also has a sense of humor which is dead. He is in a fighting mood always. His upper body is mostly naked and he has a toned body and six-pack abs. He got his body by constantly moving in the forest and living a forest life like an animal. He wears wear of long lowers to cover his lower half. Besides that mask, he always wears he has a really cute girly face that is the reason he wears the mask to look dangerous.


2. Inosuke Personality –

Talking about his personality he is very angry and sometimes difficult to understand the person. He is in always a fighting mood. His behavior is also not understood by anyone. Anyone who is in his way shouts at them he is very unusual in his fighting style. He always thinks he is the strongest fighter and challenges anyone. Inosuke also overestimates his ability with other people. He can be very rude and treat everyone with an enemy style.


3. Boar mask –

He wears an unusual boar mask on his face so that he can look dangerous like angry boar and scare his enemies. He once told that he wants his enemies to be afraid of him. Inosuke usually makes people angry by constantly asking them to fight with him. He has a girly face which he wants to hide that is why he wears that mask.


4. Wild behavior –

He is also known as a wild demon slayer. He is constantly making others look down on him. Inosuke has also fight many wild animals. He is also known as wild boar. Inosuke was abandoned by his parents in wild and some boar found him. He then fought his way out in the forest to live and manage his life. He also fights in a way of recklessly. While fight he turns into a wild animal and attacks his enemies from every direction.


5. Parents and life –

It is shown in the episode when his mother was running away from someone with baby inosuke. She was afraid that the person will kill him so her mother on the verge of a cliff flows him into the river. Then after he was raised by wild boar and also managed to make his way through harsh conditions of the forests. He was then made his special form of fighting wild animals and behavior.


6. Beast breathing techniques –

He uses special breathing techniques known as wild breathing which he developed himself. Inosuke has developed about eleven twelve techniques in which we have usually seen as his first technique. He derived this technique from another technique. In this, he wildly attacks the other person cutting through his flesh without even giving his opponent a chance to regenerate. As seen in the various fights with demons he can precisely and accurately find any demon far from his distance only by using his hearing and smelling technique. Just like a wild boar he then hunts them down.


7. Inosuke Two blades –

He is one of the demon slayers who use two Nichiren blades instead of one blade. His blades are blue in color. As seen in anime when the sword maker gives Inosuke a new sword without any cuts. He takes a stone and makes cuts on the sword which pisses off the sword maker. Be the says that he likes his sword in this way. He is very cheerful a person. He thinks that with his blades he can cut any demon’s throat in a flash. But later it is seen that the blades depend upon how the user uses them and the swords can be damaged by using on demon without any specific technique.


8. Forgetting names –

In this series, it is seen that he always forget the names of character whom he is with. He misspelled their names. He says that he always shouts incorrect names and makes other people angry. Inosuke oftentimes says Tanjiro kamado as ” kamaboko gonpachiro”. He also says that he doesn’t do it himself he just forgot the names even after telling him a hundred times. But after saying the names wrong six times he says the right words the seventh time correctly. Thus we can say that he is not completely fooling he just mocks others so that they get angry and fight him.

9. Inosuke Strength and skill –

As his fighting style is versatile he is very difficult to face on one to one. He can hear sounds that are far away from him using his breathing technique. Inosuke also smells the presence of any demon in his circles. He used this technique on mountains to track down the demons. Using his ultra instinct technique be can be very useful as a fighter. Also, he is a master swordsman as seen when he uses both blades. He also has strength though he lacks in common sense. Inosuke is always up for a fight even sometimes against his comrades. He challenged anyone which he seems stronger than him.

10. Friendship –

It is seen that when he first met Tanjiro he tried to fight with him but later he understands the condition of Tanjiro and helps him in fighting against demons alongside. He also become friends with Zenitsu whom he first thought as a coward person. They continue their journey as friends and help each other in difficult times.

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