Inventing Anna Subject Rachel Williams Sues Netflix: It has been six months since the Netflix documentary “Inventing Anna” first aired, which examined how Anna “Delvey” Sorokin deceived people in New York into giving her money to support an opulent lifestyle.

The last six months have seen a huge increase in Sorokin’s fame as a result of the series, in which he purported to be a German heiress with a $60 million fortune. Despite being detained by ICE for exceeding her visa’s validity, she was the subject of an art exhibition in Manhattan and managed to stage her own exhibition, according to the Deseret News.

Compared to 2017, Sorokin said in a prior interview with The New York Times, “people are a lot more interested in hearing my voice now.

According to an associate of Sorokin, Rachel DeLoache Williams, who believes the show made up “almost everything about her character,” “Inventing Anna” is now receiving criticism for how it depicts her. Netflix is being sued by Williams for libel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “This case will establish that Netflix made a conscious decision for dramatic grounds to show Williams doing or saying things in the web series which show her as a greedy, snobbish, disloyal, cheater, cowardly, manipulative and opportunistic human.”

Inventing Anna Rachel Williams

Inventing Anna’s Rachel Williams: Who is she?

Williams and Sorokin travel to Morocco in one of the movie’s more dramatic scenes, but throughout their stay at the opulent resort, Sorokin’s credit card keeps getting rejected.

Williams, who was then a photo editor at the publication, went into detail about that trip in a 2018 piece for Vanity Fair. She shared how she bought plane tickets, paid for Sorokin’s clothes, and eventually put her marketable card down at the hotel as Sorokin came up with a lot of excuses for why she couldn’t pay, counting the fact that she hadn’t told her bank she was traveling. Sorokin allegedly told Williams that he would fully reimburse her when they got home.

At least I was confident Anna was a solid investment, Williams wrote. I had observed how much of it she had spent.

When Williams returned home, she remembers feeling uneasy at first and then getting more so as the days, weeks, and eventually the month passed. As she dug deeper into Sorokin’s past, she learned that she still owed several people a sizable amount of money.

Inventing Anna Rachel Williams

Williams stated, “Even at this late date, I attempted to keep an optimistic view of the situation: my friend had run into an unbelievable run of bad luck; any day it would be resolved. “This optimism was a defining trait and a weakness of mine. It’s what made it feasible for me to first become friends with Anna: a deliberate suspension of disbelief, an honest filtration that saw the best in people and excused the worst.

The district attorney’s office for New York County was eventually contacted by Williams regarding Sorokin. She quickly found out her pal was the focus of an ongoing criminal inquiry.

Inventing Anna subject sues Netflix for defamation over her depiction

Rachel Williams is not pleased with the way she was represented in Inventing Anna. The former Vanity Fair picture editor known as Anna Delvey, who has ties to con artist Anna Sorokin, sued Netflix on Monday for defamation because of how she was portrayed in the documentary.

The story of Sorokin (Julia Garner), who defrauded New York society of millions of dollars by feigning to be a German heiress, is told in Inventing Anna, which is based on a 2018 piece from New York magazine. Williams is portrayed in the show by Katie Lowes (Scandal), who is depicted as being more than willing to accept pricey gifts and trips from Sorokin but ultimately betrays her friend to the authorities after Sorokin persuades her to make significant charges on her credit cards but fails to reimburse her.

Inventing Anna Rachel Williams

Since her character uses a real person’s first and last name, along with details about their employment and educational background, the real Williams’ lawsuit, which was filed in Delaware federal court and obtained by Deadline Hollywood, claims that almost everything about her character on the show was made up and painted her in a negative light. The lawsuit claims that “this action will establish that Netflix made a purposeful decision for dramatic grounds to show Williams doing or saying things in the Series which show her as a greedy, snobbish, disloyal and opportunistic person.”

Inquiries about comments have been made to Netflix, Shonda Rhimes, and Williams’ lawyers by EW.

Williams addresses a few of the claimed mistakes in the programme in the lawsuit. She claims that despite the fact that the show made it appear as though Sorokin paid for everything, she occasionally shared the tab with Delvey and even paid for beverages on her own. Williams claims that she notified Sorokin in advance that she would be departing early for work in response to a scene in which she abandons Sorokin in Morocco after her credit card is denied.

“Williams did not end being friends with Sorokin as Sorokin was having issues in Morocco, but rather because she later learned upon her return to New York that Sorokin was a falsifier and a con artist whose statements had caused Williams to incur liabilities of approximately $62,000 on Sorokin’s behalf and who only reimbursed her $5,000 despite various promises to sustain her $70,000 to bank account for the full debt and any late fees sustained.

Beginning with a disclaimer that reads, “Inventing Anna is a nine-part television series that was released in February “Everything in this tale is real. the whole made-up portions, that is.” Recently, Rhimes claimed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “There was material that we invented because it needed to be invented to have the tale truly sing and be what it should be.”

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