Iron Heart: Who is Iron heart? The new Iron Man explained!

Iron Heart: as we know On Disney’s investors day we got to know regarding

many major announcements, like some of which were absolutely shocking

and new to all the marvel fans In fact they were not expecting such an amazing Announcement

even One of those announcements was the possibility of seeing Ironheart

in their some future projects of marvel and God knows if

we will be seeing her as the new Iron Man of Marvel Cinematic Universe As well.

So who is Iron heart? If you have read marvel comics earlier then you must know

about her but in case you have not, I am here to tell you about it.

I think you all have read about iron man as tony stark So basically,

The ironheart was a girl whose name was Riri Williams who was as smart and intelligent

as our own Tony stark. But Riri Williams was so intelligent that she got admission to MIT at the mere age of 15 Only

Iron Heart
Iron Heart: Who is Iron heart? The new Iron Man explained!

and she was Also diagnosed by a psychiatrist and it was found that,

she had a very rare and highly intelligent mind

just like our very own Tony stark, had and after she got admission in MIT

she started Even making her own Iron man suit to give a perfect look and also

an artificially intelligent program to support her Iron suit

just like Tony did and So on she named herself the Iron heart: In short,

The new Iron Man as she thought that, she would be a more suitable name for a girl

wearing a suit just like Iron Man it was guessed by fans

that she will prove herself stronger than iron man as usual.

hence It is great news for all the marvel fans that we will be seeing someone like Iron man

coming back to MCU and this time in a new And more powerful Avatar.


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