It’s not just possible, it’s a fact. Kushina Uzumaki would react violently to those who teased her, especially those who called her “Tomato”. As a result she was widely feared as the Red-Hot Habanero. No more than anyone else, there was always some sort of method to his madness, like why he didn’t tell Sasuke Uchiha how much he envied him, or why he chose not to mention his love for Sakura to her.

he had reasons for everything he did, it wasn’t just that he didn’t know how to express his emotions. He didn’t befriend Sasuke and act of his feelings of empathy because he was jealous of Sasuke’s natural talent and popularity. Had Sasuke not been so popular or talented, odds are Naruto might have done more to befriend him. Little did Naruto know that his efforts to surpass Sasuke were indeed noticed by Sasuke, and Sasuke did see the comparisons between himself and Sasuke, and Naruto and Itachi, but Sasuke’s own jealousy prevented these two from finally finding that common ground.

It wasn’t until Naruto finally admitted his jealousy and admitted how he “hurt” when he say Sasuke struggling, that Sasuke finally admitted he felt the same way. It was that “hurt” that both neither Naruto nor Sasuke could fully understand yet knew, that finally made both realize how they felt about one another.

Now, when it comes to Sakura, Naruto did desperately try and win her despite her obvious affections for Sasuke. However, Sakura’s explanation of Naruto’s affections for her being an extension of his competition with Sasuke doesn’t make any sense, as we’ve discussed, because Sasuke was attracting multiple girls, not just Sakura, and he never paid any special attention to Sakura either. Rather, Naruto explains he liked Sakura individually because of her beauty and smile, and extensively because of her intelligence, which had always impressed him.

As to why he didn’t mention his own love, it was because of his guilt, as well as his determination that Sakura achieve her own happiness, which is probably the truest expression of love.

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