Is Loki more powerful than Thor?

Loki more powerful: The question of whether Loki is more powerful than Thor is just like asking whether the egg came first or the hen. It means that this question has different answers to different persons and also different answers in different circumstances.

It is difficult to answer such a question because both Loki and Thor have their own set of strengths and their own set of weaknesses,

and that’s why we cannot compare their power side by side based on some parameter and then say that this particular person is the winner.

Loki more powerful

Thor is the God of thunder and has great physical strength and he can wield and use his powerful weapon as per his wish and he can even call upon the thunder as per his wish.

On the other hand, Loki is not that much physically strong but he has the ability to do various magical and supernatural tricks. He can do telekinesis, cryokinesis, energy blasts, and projections and create almost the same molecular and hollow graphic projections.

Loki more powerful

Hence we can do an alternative way of testing about who is going to be the winner or who is stronger than the other,

and that way is of testing is known as circumstantial testing which means we will see different circumstances and based on the circumstances

Loki more powerful

we will decide the more powerful person.

So if the circumstances demand physical power like fighting with Hulk or Surtur then Thor will be the clear winner and when the circumstance demands manipulating people so as to bring the situation in your favor then no one beats Loki.

Hence we can say that Loki might be stronger than Thor or Thor might be stronger than Loki but that just depends upon the situation.

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