Record of Ragnarok: Jack the Ripper from London

Jack the Ripper: For me, only one character is number one in this fantastic series of fighters. His name is Jack the Ripper. Jack is one of the characters you rarely expect in a brawl-focused cartoon. Instead, I usually hope for characters like Lu Bu, the most prominent warrior in China, and Kojiro Sasaki, the ultimate vulnerable and legendary swordfighter.

Jack the Ripper

Still, Jack was a character I didn’t even expect. And with him who fought Heracles, I was introduced to one of the most exciting dichotomies I have ever experienced. One between Heracles and Jack. Because we should stand up for the people, the man who represents us in this battle is none other than the epitome of our darkest self. The literal monster has done so many irreparable acts that he is known as the most notorious cereal. Killer in history.

And he clashes with a former human being, a man who stands on the side of justice and fights with honor and courage. He is one of the few on the human side. In essence, it’s a battle between righteousness and evil. But in conflict, the source of evil lies with us humans. And I was immediately fascinated by this concept. For combat comics, it was more morally complex and thematically more exciting than I expected. RoR is a successful series of the art of dichotomy and comparison and contrast in its battle, using excellent properties to accentuate these elements further.

Jack the Ripper

Jack “The” Ripper”: Character Outline

And I think Jack is the culmination of that fantastic feature. This character, who is expected from his reputation, is proud of his introduction and has a sloppy feeling, but he always feels kindness even if he is not there. And the reason I mentioned the word “gentleman” and incorporated it into his character is that he thinks he’s not doing anything wrong. jack is not the one who regrets what he has done. He doesn’t try to make excuses for everything he does wrong. He holds it. Jack is a gentleman in his eyes.

A person who has gone to a distorted worldview and considers himself an incarnation of a gentleman. He is a terrifying height of evil, and he is not even aware of it. Jack doesn’t care either. He lives because of the ambitions and twisted desires he developed for his situation.

Jack the Ripper

The same creatures that hate him twisted his soul into what he was. And when you see Heracles showing that it is the selfless embodiment of God’s courage, the essence of the highest humanity, Jack is the embodiment of it, and he is the darkest form of humanity. .. Its inside story fully represents this.

Jack the Ripper Past

As a kid, Jack had an eye for people’s feelings. He could see the purest form of the person he was looking at, which fascinated him. See these different colored emotions in front of him. And the world hated him. He was an orphan born in London’s darkest and most miserable area, but he moved away from one person, his mother, Maria, for thirteen years.

Jack the Ripper

The person who loved him. Or so he thought. It was just an excuse for her to be used as a lever to lead a prosperous life with the man who gave birth to Jack while having an affair. And after his mother revealed himself, Jack realized that no one in the world loved him. And he broke. Instead of looking for love, he was happy to elicit another emotion from the person.

As the world brought him, he did his best to see their lowest self. And his feelings were horror. He will accept their hatred. And he becomes a serial killer. But not from revenge on humanity. But from their fascination with seeing their darkest self. This is probably even scarier. And he decided to see the show with his opponent the Anthropomorphismof of goodness in the heart and soul of humanity.

Jack vs Hercules

Jack can turn everything he touches with gloves into a divine weapon. When you look at this symbolically, you try to convey that whatever Jack feels is unholy. It can harm the body of God, those who have divinity, and even the embodiment of perfection and holiness. What is in Jack’s hands is used to destroy the gods, remove their integrity, and defile them with death and the curse of humans.

But Heracles is unwavering, and after all (spoilers), Heracles will hug Jack instead of giving him the final blow before he disappears. He doesn’t hate or fear humanity in the last moment… No, he still loves it. And Jack is fascinated by it.

Through this beautiful color of an emotion, he never thought he would ever see or experience anything again. And even after winning, after seeing the color and opening the trapped madness shell, he can’t be content with what he thought gave him the most joy.

he turned the bloody Heracles into a weapon

And he has a vision of what happened before he turned the bloody Heracles into a weapon of God and killed him. So I’m happy with him. No one taught him how to love, and no one loved him, and that’s why this panel is so beautiful. And he balanced the score of humanity, but he is hated by it again. It is called a monster. He killed God, the God of justice. And the world looks down on him.

As usual, a stone is thrown at him. And get what could be my favorite panel throughout the battle. This is a beautiful panel as it embodies what Jack is. He is human. In fact, of all the characters on the human team that have ever appeared, I think he’s the most hostile but the most human. And that’s my analysis of why I love Jack as a character. He is charismatic, human, realistic, thematically original, and a twisted gentleman to win all of this.

My Other Favourites (in order) are:

1. second favorite character Shiva

2. third favorite character Adam (almost the second)

3. And my fourth favorite character Kojiro.

And I’m very excited to see more. Especially Qin Shi Huang.

His face was officially revealed. His fan art is the same image as the actual author but with slightly different shades.

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