Japan has now officially Breaks the Internet Speed World Record just by hitting a Data Transmission Rate of 319 Terabits Per Second.

A study in Japan has unveiled that Japanese engineers have now recently officially

broke the highest internet speed world record (on Fiber Optic Communication

) at the place of International Conference which was in the month of June.

This was revealed as they have achieved a superfast speed of data transfer speed

of around 319 terabits per second (Tb/s) Which is beyond our imaginations

and can change the world completely. With this japan will going to showcase the

new dimensions of improvements with the help of this internet speed. From health

to our daily life internet is very much connected as most of our work is now

happening over the internet.

Japan has
Japan has 319 Tbps internet speed which is a new world record.

Just imagine how our life will be changed as we start to use this internet speed of 319 terabits per second (Tb/s).

This new record which is happene over a fiber cable that was stretch with a

length of around over 3,000 kilometers. and also it appears that this cable was

pretty much compatible with the present cable infrastructure of Japan. which

means it is now so far away to implement this in the near future Just for the

imagination, this speed is around 80 times faster than a 5G internet which itself

is in the development phase. This transmission speed has made itself as fast as

nearly twice as compare to its previous record which was of around 178 Tb/s

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  1. This cable work is imaginable. His speed is 80 times faster then 5gb internet👏👏he don’t missed any thing …

  2. Waoo its speed make a world record. Speed is very fast. Thank for shairing these post. In reading time i got usefull knowldge.

  3. Japanese technology is the best.. So super fast data speed.. Thanks for sharing it with us.. It’s really amazing…

  4. Japan Japan always time in faster than technology thoughts in start in finish then Japan is starting thoughts in technology this is a very faster internet speed 5 g better than 80% to faster to GO in 5G Japan technology is a world faster technology 👍


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