One Piece: 10 Facts about “Helmsman” Jinbe

Jinbe is the captain of the Sun Pirates and the title “Knight of the Sea” and is likewise a former Shichibukai. Albeit not having any Devil Fruit, Jinbe is very powerful with abilities beyond any comparison.

Presently, Jinbe is the helmsman of Strawhat Pirates, and he has left the position of Shichibukai before joining the Straw Hats. The following are 10 intriguing Facts about “Helmsman” Jinbe from the Straw Hat crew:


1. Jinbe Being an Origin of whale shark

As a Fishman, Jinbe experienced childhood in a bit of shelter on Fishman Island. he was brought into the world as Whale Shark, making him half of a shark-like individual and a large portion of a whale-like individual.

Jinbe is a whale shark fish-man and an amazing expert of Fish-Man Karate. His fantasy is to satisfy his previous chief Fisher Tiger’s withering desire of conjunction and equity among people and fish-men.

He was an individual from the Sun Pirates, ultimately turning into its second chief after the passing of their unique commander, Tiger. In contrast to most Mermaids, he can speak with the kind of fish that suits him, the whale shark. This capacity is regularly found in mermaids, not mermaids. At Impel Down, Jinbe once called many whale sharks to save them.


2. The main Shichibukai of the Fishman race

Since being first presented, he has been the primary individual from the Fish-Man group to turn into the Shichibukai. As per one Gorosei, the explanation they welcomed Jinbe to join Shichibukai is to associate the connection among people and mermaids.

In any case, this objective ultimately fizzled because he had passed on Shichibukai to work with Whitebeard to save Ace when he was execute at Marine Ford.


3. Jinbe never was a Straw Hat rival despite being a Shichibukai

Out of the seven Shichibukai initially presented before the time skip, just he has never battled the Straw Hats. Mihawk once fought Zoro; even Crocodile did back in Alabasta. As the principal adversaries of Alabasta, Moria, and Kuma who battled the Straw Hats in Thriller Bark, Doflamingo became the main bad guy in Dressrosa and Hancock likewise once quarrelled with Luffy. Concerning Jinbe, from his first meeting with Luffy,

he has turned into a dependable accomplice to get away from Impel Down and save Ace. In any event, when Luffy lost a lot of blood and should have been siphone, Jinbei additionally acknowledge to give him a blood bonding, which is remarkable.


4. Jinbe Former Captain of the Sun Pirates

After the activities of Fisher Tiger to liberate the slaves from Mary Geoise and the foundation of the Sun Pirates, Jinbe left the Neptune Army and joined the Tiger. After the demise of Fisher Tiger, Jinbe proceeded with his way and turned into the following captain.

In any case, after he turned into a Shichibukai, numerous individuals from the Sun Ice, like Arlong, left the crew, detesting Jinbe’s choice.


5. Can utilize Fishman Karate since early on

Oda flaunted Jinbe’s youth plan on SBS One Piece scene 63. In that plan, Jinbe is seen rehearsing Karate. Curiously, Jinbe rehearsed karate when he was youthful. However, Jinbe likewise ended up being a specialist in this field. This can be seen from Jinbe’s uniform when he was wearing a dark belt as a youngster. Jinbe’s Karate capacity outperforms other Karate Fishman clients like Hack and Kuroobi.


6. First mentioned not until 459 Chapter but later

If you recollect, the name Jinbe was first referenced by Yosaku when Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku cruised after Nami in Arlong Park. Whatever His name has been a reference in One Piece Chapter 69, yet Jinbe is shown uniquely in section 528, when Jinbe is at a similar jail as Ace.

The distance from when he was call until his authority presentation was 459, the longest in the series One Piece. Whenever included progressively time, part 69 was distributed in 1999, and section 528 was broadcast in 2009. This implies that since Jinbe’s name was a reference, he didn’t show up until 10. One year from now.


7. Since being welcome to join the Straw Hats, it took 5 years for that to happen

Jinbe likewise held the record as the longest-standing “Straw Hat” part before authoritatively tolerating Luffy’s challenge to join. Whenever Jinbe first was welcome by Luffy was on Fishman Island, in section 648, distributed in 2011.

But since Jinbe had specific issues, he turned down Luffy’s greeting for some time. Jinbe then, at that point, formally joined the Straw Hats in section 863 distributed in 2017, when Jinbe said that he passed on Big Mom to join Luffy. Thus, computations, the time among Luffy and Jinbe’s greeting was 5 years and 214 sections.


8. Has fantastic sailing abilities

Because of his broad information on the sea, Jinbe has extraordinary boat driving abilities. In addition, Jinbe is an astonishing helmsman, as a display when he guides a taken Marine war vessel from Impel Down to Marineford with almost no harm being cause for the seize boat by any means.

On his first attempt, he figured out how to ably control the Thousand Sunny and even rode the ship inside the ‘Green Room’ of the enormous wave homeboy Big Mom made, utilizing his abilities.

9. Outstanding Master of Fish-Man Karate

Jinbe is an extraordinarily fantastic expert of Fish-Man Karate, which he can use to thump away a large number immediately and rout incredibly solid foes. He was a youngster wonder, being talented enough to turn into a dark belt while a kid.

Since Jinbe was young, his ability of Fish-Man Karate had been famed and noticed worldwide. His water attacks with the fusion of Karate is quite deadly.

10. An incredible strategist

He is a strategist in knowing military procedures when he sees any real change in enemies’ plans. As seen when he immediately speculated that Magellan dispatched the request to the ships outside Impel Down to escape during the mass breakout and during the fight in Marineford.

Where he interprets that the Marines were plotting something after Emporio Ivankov educates him that the foe is withdrawing further into the plaza. Jinbe uncovers an intelligent way of carrying Luffy and his group into Gyoncorde Plaza inside Megalo’s stomach while adequately misleading Hody into accepting he and Princess Shirahoshi were caught.

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