Joker (2019): it’s a superb movie which it isn’t only a superb movie

Joker (2019): but it’s a crucial movie and maybe perhaps the simplest movie of the year

I assumed it had been and it’s shockingly and aggressively so it’s fascinating

and we’re going to break it down immediately.

I used to be quite a in shock after seeing this movie it’s shocking but that

was two hours ago it ended and therein timeframe

I have been brooding about it tons not simply because I even have to review it.

I’m telling you upfront so you’re prepared but Joaquin Phoenix isn’t

the Joker until the last 20 approximately minutes of this film and therefore the bulk of the movie

is not just a personality study but it is also a very serious discussion about society.

Joker (2019)
Jokar (2019): Jokar (2019) Movie Review

it’s that kind of movie now speaking of jokes

I find it funny during a Joker sort of way during this movie

this Joker the people are only saying that this movie is irresponsible then it’d spark violence

yet nobody seems to be talking about the films very clear messages

I can see why Todd Phillips is so angry about the importance of mental healthcare

the importance of governments and businesses taking care of society

and therefore the importance of being just civil to at least one another.

Joker (2019) Cast :-

  • Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck
  • Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin
  • Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond
  • Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck
  • Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne
  • Shea Whigham as Detective Burke

If I even have missed any great point about this movie.

Kindly comment below so as that everybody can share.

We’ll be happy to tell us about them within the comments.

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