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K-Drama For Study: Authentic dialogues, rich terminology, and useful idioms abound in Korean dramas. Dramas will extend your cultural horizons by providing a fascinating peek into Korean society, in addition to being incredibly addicting.

Watching Korean dramas online is a winning mix for successful Korean learning, with everything from forbidden love to rags-to-riches stories and devastating family feuds. Let’s take a glance at the best ten Korean dramas to study in this article.

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10. Itaewon Class

When Park Sae-ro-yi, who has just entered high school, witnesses Jang Geun-won, the wealthy son of his father’s company, bullying another student, he intervenes. This sets off a chain of unforeseeable events that includes death, prison, the creation of a new restaurant, and romance.

“Itaewon Class” takes place in the Seoul area of Itaewon, which is recognized for its multi-cultural, multinational, and generally open attitude, as the name suggests. The show is remarkable for having a more diversified lead cast than is typical of a Korean drama,

with a multiracial character and a transgender character. Park Sae-ro-yi extends a bar-restaurant in Itaewon, so you’ll get some food and restaurant-related vocabulary in the show,

but “Itaewon Class” might be better for taking up tiny chunks of ordinary language as a learning aid. While the show features a broad range of language delivered at various rates, many of the dialogues are conducted slowly and evenly for dramatic impact, making it ideal for extracting short, common phrases.

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9. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

The Kdrama “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” tells the narrative of Kang Mi-rae, a young woman who undergoes plastic surgery before starting college. Her goal isn’t to become beautiful, but rather to blend in so she doesn’t stand out. But, regrettably, it isn’t that easy. Mi-rae quickly runs across fresh roadblocks to her quest to live a “regular” life,

including altercations with Do Kyung-Seok, the school’s most popular and conventionally gorgeous male. “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” is fascinating for its exploration of societal beauty standards as well as its broader reflection on various sorts of beauty and love.

Because this drama is set primarily in a collegiate setting and includes some of the students’ parents, you can use it to observe how younger people interact with their classmates and older adults. Pay attention to how pupils converse with one another based on their age and seniority.

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8. Romance is a Bonus Book

Kang Dan-yi is dealing with some significant changes in his life. She’s recently gone through a tumultuous divorce, is having problems re-entering the workforce, and practically everything else is going wrong as well.

She eventually lies about her age and background in order to get a job as an intern at a publishing house where her longtime friend and successful writer Cha Eun-ho works as an editor. It’s possible that a bookish romance will develop.

Because “Romance Is a Bonus Book” is set in and around a publishing house, you can pick up vocabulary connected to books and publishing while viewing it. You’ll learn vocabulary for talking about employment and work because the drama also deals with the difficulties of breaking into a new career.

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7. Misaeng: Incomplete Life

What office drama fan doesn’t enjoy a good office drama? “Misaeng” is a Korean television series that follows a group of individuals who work for a trading firm in Jordan.

Jang Geu-Rae, the protagonist, used to have dreams that didn’t involve working in an office. He was preoccupied with becoming a professional player of the board game “Go,” but he had to settle for an ordinary job like everyone else. He strives to blend in with his coworkers

and learn to get along with others as he settles into his new job. “Misaeng” can teach you a lot of language connected to work, business, and exchanges between employees and superiors because it is largely focused on the office environment.

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6. Cheese in the Trap (K-Drama For Study)

“Cheese in the Trap” is a college drama about numerous college students’ friendships and relationships. Hong Seol, a lowly student, struggles to understand her love for Yoo Jung, a mysterious and wealthy older male. Without giving too much away, this drama appears to fall into the “enemies to lovers” romance type,

as Yoo Jung appears to be harsh and manipulative at times, but then becomes unexpectedly lovely to Hong Seol. “Cheese in the Trap” is one more drama that is fantastic for witnessing college students interact. It also includes a lot of popular words like greetings, queries, and interjections.

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5. My Love from the Star (K-Drama For Study)

Do Min-Joon, an alien who came on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period, stars in this eccentric romantic drama. Min-Joon has a variety of powers in addition to his outstanding looks, including superhuman vision,

the capacity to hear from great distances, and incredible speed. Min-world Joon’s is turned upside down when he falls in love with actress Cheon Song-Yi,

who is highly critical and sceptical of mankind. “My Love from Another Star” shows a wide spectrum of facial expressions and voice levels. As Min-Joo gets to know Song-Yi, his vocabulary shifts from formal to more casual. Along the process, you’ll learn a lot of helpful words about acting and the film industry.

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4. The Penthouse (K-Drama For Study)

Take a bite out of this rollercoaster of a series if you thought Big Little Lies and Sky Castle were heavy on the melodrama. Penthouse follows three affluent families in the private Hera Palace neighborhood, a luxury 100-floor high-rise that juts out of the Seoul skyline, as they vie for control. The series, like its predecessors, revolves around three women

who conceal their individual secrets and traumas behind vast sums of money and unbounded ambitions for their children. Their world begins to disintegrate after a strange girl dies, and the three attempt to conceal the place of her death in order to safeguard Hera Palace’s reputation. It’s a shambles, and love it.

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3. True Beauty (K-Drama For Study)

This is a 2020 high school drama about a girl who suffers from an inferiority problem and has been bullied at school. When she goes to a new school, she realizes how much confidence she gains from wearing make-up. She meets two attractive guys at school who fall in love with her. Su-ho is the only guy at school who has seen her in her underwear. And there’s Seojun, who has a connection to Su-history. The three of them embark on a trip that reveals their dark past, pain, and need for each other’s comfort.

2. Boys Over Flowers (K-Drama For Study)

Another popular Korean adolescent drama is “Boys over Flowers,” which follows the luxurious lives of wealthy Korean heirs. It is based on the popular Japanese drama “Hana Yori Dango” and stars Lee Min-ho as the main. In this drama, Go Jun-Pyo, the ringleader of F4—a group of four wealthy

and attractive young men—becomes a better person as he falls in love with Geum Jan-di, the daughter of a laundry cleaning family. Except for the countless impediments that stand in the road of the two loves, everything should go smoothly.

1. Heirs (K-Drama For Study)

“Heirs” (also known as “Inheritors” in English) is a film that chronicles the tangled lives of wealthy Korean young adults as they seek love and self-discovery. Kim Tan, a pretentious Korean playboy, and heir of one of the most prominent chaebol families is the protagonist of the drama. His parents transfer him to the USA because he is unable to follow the rigid standards of Korean society. He is allow to live a free, carefree lifestyle and indulge in all temptations.

He meets Cha Eun-Sang, a Korean girl of humble ancestry who has traveled across the Pacific in pursuit of her elder selfish sister. As their paths cross, Kim Tan’s jealous girlfriend pushes Eun-Sang to flee, causing the young heir to return to Korea in search of her.

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