Top 10 facts about Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi spent the majority of his life as a spy, working for various people, organizations, and countries. When he was younger, his inherent intelligence collecting and medicine abilities drew Orochimaru’s attention, and he appointed Kabuto as his right-hand man. Even though Kabuto learns a lot about the world while serving Orochimaru, he soon realizes that his life of serving others has hindered him from forming his own identity. 

He then seeks power and becomes a prominent player in the Fourth Shinobi Globe War, utilizing his elevated position in the world to determine where he belongs. After reuniting with the rest of the world, Kabuto returns to Konohagakure to administer the orphanage there, assisting others in their quest for self-discovery. Have a look at the ten most interesting facts about Naruto’s character, Kabuto Yakushi, in this article.


1. Kabuto was Affiliated with Orochimaru

At. First, Kabuto appeared to be simply another candidate for the Chunin Exams. He was frequently friendly during the tests, and he even assisted Team 7 in obtaining their scrolls in the second round. All of this, however, was a ruse. In reality, Kabuto was gathering information on Sasuke for Orochimaru. Kabuto performed a genjutsu to put everyone to sleep when Orochimaru and the Sand Village later attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. Kabuto would become a recurring villain in Naruto: Shippuden before reuniting at the end of the series.


2. Kabuto had a bad childhood.

Non-Yakushi discovered Kabuto as a child on the borders of a city recently destroyed in a battle; he had suffered a head injury and had no knowledge of his name or background. Unattended to his injury and transported him to the Konoha Orphanage. Another orphan, Urushi, put a helmet on his head so he wouldn’t get hurt again,

prompting Non to give him the moniker “Kabuto.” Kabuto liked the name and decided to leave his bed that night to thank her, against the orphanage’s tight routine.


3. Kabuto has a mixed personality

Kabuto might appear quite open at times, eager to approach others, and always confident in his own words and deeds. He admits that he is an introvert who dislikes being observed and prefers to blend into the background. Kabuto can be harsh with others, disregarding their personal wants and pointing out all the defects he sees in them. He is nothing but nice to those he believes are deserving, treating them with courtesy and using appropriate honorifics, and chastising those who do not.


4. He tried to kill Sasuke in Hospital

Kabuto is deeply resentful of Orochimaru’s choice of Sasuke as his next vessel for reasons that are never completely addressed. After Kakashi unsuccessfully attempts to seal Sasuke’s Curse Mark, Sasuke is taken to the Konoha Hospital to recover. If Kabuto does not want Sasuke to be his vessel,

Orochimaru informs him that he must murder him before they leave the town. However, Kabuto tries to do so while unconscious but fails because Kakashi is there to protect him.


5. Kabuto once kidnapped Anko

Since she was previously Orochimaru’s student, Anko has a lot of mixed thoughts towards him. She appears to take personal responsibility for his acts, and she eventually chooses to seek him down personally in order to prevent him from attaining his objectives. This plan is foiled by Kabuto, who takes her hostage after a fight. He makes her a constant observer of his ideas and how they’re progressing, and he uses her as an unwilling sounding board.


6. Kabuto is always a spy

Kabuto’s many contradictions stem from his frequent job as a spy, having spent most of his life switching identities and allegiance in order to acquire information for some organization. Even Orochimaru, who has served Orochimaru for the longest time,

isn’t always sure what Kabuto’s genuine sentiments are: he trusts Kabuto fully, but secretly fears that Kabuto is trying to undermine him.


7. Kabuto has a cool appearance

He has ebony eyes and ash-grey hair that he wears in a ponytail most of the time. His black-rimmed circular glasses, given to him by Non, are his most distinguishing characteristic. Kabuto wears a dark purple shirt with a high collar, a white undershirt, and dark purple slacks with a white cloth waistband throughout Part I and much of Part II. He also wears dark purple fingerless gloves with armored plates on the back of the hand,

as well as a blue forehead protector in Part I. He infuses himself with Orochimaru’s remnants during Part II, causing his skin to grow white and scaly around the application spot on his left arm.


8. He mutates victims genetically

The idea that Kabuto assists Orochimaru in conducting experiments on young individuals they’ve either kidnapped or lured to their lair is ironic. After all, He was train as a member of the Root group from a young age,

and it was his experiences there that prompted him to betray Konoha in the first place. As a result, the fact that he is directly conducting genetically altering studies on humans appears to be exceedingly terrifying.

9. He looks similar to Orochimaru

When his body is entirely change, he looks eerily similar to Orochimaru, to the point where Sasuke Uchiha misidentifies Kabuto as him. Kabuto’s eyes turn yellow with slitted pupils and Orochimaru’s signature purple markings around them,

in addition to the modifications to his skin. A long, white snake fuses with his abdomen, which he wraps around his waist and slithers under or behind him like a tail on occasion.

10. Kabuto works as a double spy agent

He is an expert spy because to his Root training, which allows him to blend in almost anywhere. During the Chunin Exams, viewers witness this personally as he effectively persuades Team 7 that he is there to aid them and has no ulterior motivations. He also works for Orochimaru as a double agent, infiltrating the Akatsuki and keeping track of their movements and plans. It’s hardly the worst thing he’s done because the Akatsuki are horrible, but it does place the frame for a lot of bad things to happen later.

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