Kaguya Sama: The spring anime season has here, and while there may be some love in the air, it is coexisting with some napalm. Fans can select from a huge variety of romance series in the Spring, but Kaguya-Sama: Love is War stands out from the crowd because to its mental combat.

Shirogane Miyuki and Kaguya Shinomiya, academic elites, use it as a weapon to win the game of love whereas the majority of anime just accept misunderstandings and teenage awkwardness as obstacles. This list will assist folks in brushing up on their anime knowledge as they prepare the scoreboard for yet another season.

Kaguya Sama

1. “Rap Advisor” For Fujiwara

Although Kaguya and Miyuki’s mishaps are the main subject of the series, it appears that Chika Fujiwara has taken the spotlight. Not only has the “Chika Dance” made her an online legend, but she also had a number of humorous situations in this show that, by themselves, contributed to Season 1’s memorable opening. These include her detective hat, her terrified expression, and, of course, her rapping. Fans were unaware that Chika’s rapping was not only a gift from the gods. She had a “Fujiwara Rap Advisor” by the name of Shinobu Noshioka, according to the Episode 4 credits. There must be a source of talent.

Kaguya Sama

2. A Yeti exists (Kaguya Sama)

This is a peculiar one that might never be adequately explained in the series beyond being a funny sight gag. In Episode 3, Kaguya offers to help a young child cross the street after she claims that she was accompanied by her buddy “Yeti” at first. Kaguya offers to assist the girl since her friend has vanished, but as she does so, a real yeti briefly emerges at the edge of the screen.

Kaguya Sama

3. “IQ” was going to be the name.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War may be the moniker that fans are familiar with and love, but it had the potential to go by many other names. The series’ initial name was “IQ.” In addition to being a double ambiguity for “aikyuu,” which means “love seeking” or “love longing,” the term “IQ” in Japanese

also refers to the well-known intelligence ranking. The loving wits match between Miyuki and Kagua would have also been suited for IQ, but “Love is War” has a lot more style.

Kaguya Sama

4. The live-action and anime movie features Aoi Koga.

It goes without saying that the voice actress for Kaguya Shinomiya should be mentioned. Aoi Koga, her Japanese voice actress, may just be a few years into the business, but she has been making the most of her time and establishing a lot of credibility. She has recently had several significant parts, with Kaguya Shinomiya being one to which she has grown most connected. She is so important that in the live-action film, she even has a brief cameo as a theatre staff.

Kaguya Sama

5. The voice actor for Miyuki is quite powerful.

Makoto Furukawa, a Japanese voice actor who performs for Miyuki, has also had a number of intriguing voice roles, continuing the tradition of unusual voice actor moments. He performed the roles of Saitama from One-Punch Man, Taiju Ooki from Dr. Stone, Banri Tada from Golden Time,

and possibly the most recognizable of them, Taiju Ooki, the original protagonist and strong man of Dr. Stone. Miyuki possesses the necessary authority to date Kaguya.

Kaguya Sama

6. The voice actress for Fujiwara was receiving a pretty cure

Konomi Kohara, the Japanese voice actor who performs for Chika Fujiwara, also voices Lala Hagoromo, a.k.a. Cure Milky, from the Pretty Cure series. This is an intriguing example of voice acting collaboration. When Fujiwara predicts that Ishigami will spend his vacation break only playing video games or watching Pretty Cure, the anime actually makes a reference to this.

Kaguya Sama

7. A Bamboo Cutter’s Story (Kaguya Sama)

Although Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is largely an original work, it draws some ideas from the traditional Japanese novel The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, also known as The Tale of Princess Kaguya. The characters in this novel engage in a complicated quest for love,

undertaking a number of challenging tasks to establish their worth. The Princess Kaguya’s icy demeanour serves as a major source of influence for Kaguya Shinomiya in this scene. On the other side, Miyuki is modelled after Ootomo no Miyuki, Princess Kaguya’s fourth suitor.

8. Mask of Chika Ai (Kaguya Sama)

The masks from Episode 6 of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War would make a return in the manga, marking a rare case of the manga borrowing from the anime. Ai and Kaguya are practicing one of her plans in an original scene from Episode 6

where Kaguya has prepared a couple of mannequins with the Student Council’s faces but has Ai put on a Chika Fujiwara mask. In the manga, the masks make a comeback when Ai converses with Kaguya while wearing a Miyuki mask.

9. Rotoscoping (Kaguya Sama)

The beloved ending sequence of Episode 3 is one of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War’s most recognizable sequences. In this little epilogue, Fujiwara Chika performs a fascinating dance and song that has won over followers all over the world. Even while Fujiwara’s singing was rather impressive on its own, it was the distinctive animation that truly caught people’s attention. In order to give their drawings more realism and fluidity, animators use a process called “rotoscoping,” in which they trace over the movements of a live-action scenario.

10. Mamoru Hatakeyama was the filmmaker

Shinichi Omata, also known as Mamoru Hatakeyama in the animation business, directed the show’s first season. Fans of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War will undoubtedly appreciate the tension and humour he added, but they may also be glad to learn that this isn’t his first endeavour. He has worked as an animator and episode director for many other series,

but his most significant accomplishments as a director are those of the ever-complex human drama Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, Rozen Maiden, and Record of Grancrest War.

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