Top 10 facts about Kahono Black Clover 2022

Kahono is the High Priest’s lively granddaughter and Kiato’s younger sister, with a sixth sense and the ability to use her Song Magic for various purposes such as offense, healing, and putting the afflicted to sleep. She also shares her brother’s desire to become an idol, which she shares with Asta and Noelle while assisting the latter is learning to use her magic successfully. Later, Kahono fought against the Black Bulls before helping them fend off Vetto, who ended up crushing her throat and rendering her unable to use her magic to its full ability. When she was invited to the Star Awards Festival, the Witch Queen’s Blood Magic cured her throat. Let’s look at some interesting facts about Kahono.


1. Seabed Temple Priestess

The Seabed Temple’s priestess Kahono. Kahono is a petite young lady with bright red eyes. Her dark red hair is pulled back into a long ponytail, which is adorned with seashells. Her necklace is a gold chain with a whale pendant. She wears a scarlet belt and a white, sleeveless dress composed of scales. Her grimoire bag dangles from her belt on the left side. She also has two red straps on her sandals, which match her belt.


2. Wears a Dolphin Mask

She wears a dolphin mask, huge pink leggings, a white top, and a thick gold belt as a priestess. She always dressed in a white hooded robe with a Seabed Temple pin clutched at her throat. The robe’s edges are red, while the sleeves have pink scales. She was born in the Seabed Temple, where she and her older brother, Kiato, spent years honing their song and Butoh magic skills in honor of the Sea God.


3. Kahono is Cheery

The sound of waves is soothing to Kahono. She’s also quite upbeat, with a bright disposition. Aside from her vibrant personality, she is highly supportive, as she demonstrates when she speaks with Noelle about her magic. When the Seabed Priestess tells Noelle about her throat problem, she seems secure in her idea that her dream will come true.


4. Kahono practices her singing on the beach

On the beach of Raque, Kahono is practicing her singing when Asta and Noelle Silva approach her. When she notices that they are observing, she is embarrassed and decides to introduce herself, telling them about her ambition to become a singing and dancing idol for the money. Noelle is impressed when she observes Asta’s exhaustion and heals him with a song. Then Kahono tries to make Asta pay for it. She accepts them as friends, amused, and then tells Noelle that she should let her mana loose rather than repress it. Kahono asks Noelle whether she has any pleasant family memories because she believes that focus comes from mental peace. Noelle leaves in a gloomy mood to practice, much to Kahono’s surprise.


5. Kahono Magic, Abilities, and Equipment

Kahono uses this magical ability to perform spells through singing. She employs this type of magic to aid in his rehabilitation. She blends her Song Magic with Butoh Magic from her brother. Kahono, like the rest of her family, possesses a significant amount of magic power, equivalent to that of a Senior Magic Knight. Kahono, like the rest of her family, possesses exceptional mana perception abilities. After Vetto crushes Kahono’s throat, she remains conscious and focused, talking with Noelle Silva and treating Asta. Kahono has a three-leaf clover grimoire with song-based spells in it.


6. Relationship with Neolla Silva

While singing alone atop a rock on the seashore above the Seabed Temple, She meets Noelle Silva. Her song and magical mastery left Noelle speechless. Kahono and Noelle became friends after Kahono helped Noelle master Sea Dragon’s Cradle. They’d meet up again in the Seabed Temple as part of a Team Battle Royale. While Noelle was both surprised and concerned by the prospect of confronting Kahono, Kahono believes that close friends should battle with all they have for the sake of their aspirations.

Seeing Kahono unable to speak during the struggle against Vetto caused Noelle considerable distress. Kahono was grateful for Noelle’s care afterward. Since then, the two have been close friends. Kahono supports Noelle’s love for Asta and has attempted to encourage Noelle to be more open about her affections by taking her on a “double date” with Noelle, Asta, and her brother, Kiato, much to Noelle’s chagrin.


7. Relationship with Asta

They are scheduled to meet at the same time as Noelle. She was quickly friendly with Asta after their first meeting. Asta receives a kind gesture from her when she heals his exhaustion and then humorously charges him for it. Despite their few encounters, the two grew to be good friends, and she spent the last of her magic and power to heal Asta during their struggle with Vetto. Asta, in turn, went out of his way to use the magic he learned from the Witch Queen to help Kahono repair her voice. Because Kahono supports Noelle’s love for Asta, she has attempted to get Asta to recognize and reciprocate Noelle’s sentiments. For example, She goes on a double date with Asta during the Star Awards Festival to encourage Noelle to be more honest with herself.


8. Fight with Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson eats and complements the temple’s seafood as her Sheep Cooks prepare more food. She approaches behind as she makes a cotton net to catch additional fish. When Charmy informs her opponent that the temple’s mana fuels her and that her opponent would fall like the fish on her dish, the combat begins. Charmy takes a fighting stance, but Kahono sings Charmy to sleep with a lullaby. Gifso claims that falling asleep is the same as being knocked unconscious, so Yami Sukehiro orders Charmy to fast for a week. Kahono then wonders who will be her next opponent.

9. Kahono and Kiato

They are close-knit twins from the Seabed Temple, and they even practice Union Magic together, using their Butoh and Song Magic, respectively. Kiato adores his younger sister, especially her tenacity and resolves to see things through.

10. Neolla vs. Kahono

When Noelle is faced with an opponent, she tries to bluff her way out of the fight. The opponent removes her mask and reveals herself as Kahono, who claims she has been waiting for Noelle to arrive. When Noelle inquires about why Kahono taught her how to manage her magic while living at the Undersea Temple, Kahono responds that she was looking for people to bring to the temple. Kahnono claims that she can realize her goal, but Noelle claims that Kahnono is merely using her. Kahono claims that they are true friends and that now that they are in the game, she will face Noelle with all of her might. Noelle claims they aren’t friends, but She counters that friends are those who can struggle for their dreams while remaining smiling.

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