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Kakashi Love Song ♥

Hanare is a female spy from the Hidden Lock Village {Land of Key} is caught by the ANBU pretending to be a musician She is interrogate However the interrogation proves unsuccessful. Slowly her past is revealed and so is her relationship with the Kakashi. Team 7 spy on the two as they go around town under the impression that the two are dating. After The Lock Village keep a Leaf Village ninja hostage they exchange Hanare for the ninja. It is then reveale that Hanare has a special ability to causing a large chase to occur. In the end Kakashi hatake lets Hanare free. The musician seen at the beginning entertaining Konoha ninja remind Kakashi hatake of Hanare which prompts the flashback. In that Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke stalk the pair thinking that they are involved Falling down from the tree making fools of themselves also making Kakashi hatake kiss Hanare by accident the when they both fell. Naruto grabs the flower’s from Sakura and offers them to Hanare as to accept their relationship.

vaibhav jainhttps://Animesouls.com
Vaibhav Jain is a hardcore Anime fan. He lives in the Sri Ganganagar City of Rajasthan India.


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