Top Ten Facts about Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame: Many of the most popular shonen and seinen anime/ manga series, including one of Shonen Jump’s celebrated” big three, “Naruto, inspire some hypercritically drafted addict art. From Team 7 to the Akatsuki and Gaara of the Send, this series has a plethora of various characters and memorable moments ripe for addict art and cosplay.

The Akatsuki organization is one of the anime community’s favorite unlawful organizations, and each member is deadly and unique. Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki were the first two to appear, and there’s a plethora of awful addict art featuring these villains. Kisame was in the story for a longer period of time than Itachi, and he’d some adventures on his own. What about some fantastic addict art that highlights this shark -such as trouble?


1. Kisame Shredder

The first entry in the Kisame addict art gallery is a ferocious one, and it’s clear that Kisame has had enough of chaffing around. Kisame, like numerous anime villains, is willing to play with his opponents for a while and have some fun, but he’ll ultimately run out of tolerance.

Kisame strikes a cool disguise in this exquisite color delineation by artist kakuro-san, his unheroic eyes fixed right on the target, while Samehada’s tapes fly out in tattered scraps. Everything about this piece screams bloodlust and shark-style ferocity.


2. Kisame Feeling down

That is, in all the right ways. Kisame is feeling great right now, and he looks more confident than ever in this oil by Camila Y. Breda. Kisame’s element is naturally water, and he is having a bloodsucker moment.

The churning water, temperamental rain shadows, creepy lighting, and, of course, Kisame’s ferocious expression all set the tone for this piece, which is told from the perspective of someone who has just taken a dive into the wrong waters. Anyone who sees this is about to be tattered.


3. Kisame Diving Instruction

Kisame has had a clear shark theme since his first appearance, from his blue skin and sharp teeth to the gill-such-like marks on his face. During his first on-screen battle, he also used water shark jutsus, but he’s able of much further.

Still, Kisame can transfigure into a shark-suchlike form, as artist AiKawaii Chan depicts in this strictly detailed piece of addict art, If effects get too bad. Given the size of this piece and the gold frame, it appears to be a trading card or a tarot card. He is an excellent addition to any important sundeck.


4. Kisame Marauder

Next up is this addict art piece by Roxy Spaulding, in which Kisame appears to be more ferocious than ever. He might not be in his full shark form right now, but this piece alludes to his raptorial nature in further ways than one.

Kisame is slender but tough in this definition, with claw-suchlike nails on his fritters and an angular and sharp body. As if that was not enough, his wild, pointed hair and the half-exposed Samehada add indeed more points to this image, matching the shark’s numerous pointed teeth.


5. Looking At You

Kisame is now over close and particular, and no one wants a monster like him this close to their face. Kisame appears to be about to interrogate or blackjack his victim, which will most probably succeed. Dante Cyber Man, the artist, went for an eerily realistic look this time, from Kisame’s pale blue skin (and all those details) to his naturalistic eyes and those teeth that look sharp enough to suck the bystander. Kisame has noway looked better. or further unsettling.


6. I discovered you

At first regard, it may appear that He is out of his element and is not as shocking in this setting. Rather than the ocean, he is in a downtime sunlit timber, a setting that lends itself to more traditional ninja ways and strategies.

But do not dismiss Kisame Hoshigaki. Artist agussw, like some other artists in this gallery, depicted Kisame from the victim’s point of view, and given Kisame’s empty light, he is got the upper hand, and he is about to deliver a deadly shark bite.


7. The Misty Menace

Is anyone getting a Halloween vibe from this piece? After all, He is a true monster who can scarify anyone at any time of day or night Above all, he is a ninja, which allows him to strike at night, in the mist, when no one can see him coming.

Is anyone getting a Halloween vibe from this piece? After all, Kisame is a true monster who can scarify anyone at any time of day or night. Above all, he is a ninja, which allows him to strike at night, in the mist, when no one can see him coming.


8. Kisame Session of Practice

Kisame is dressed a little more casually this time. He is not stalking in the mist of trying to scarify anyone, but everyone needs some alone time. Kisame, like everyone differently, wants to hone their chops. He is dressed simply in this addict art by artist psycho doll-behind-you, and he is getting ready to take many practice swings with Samehada to keep his chops sharp. In this piece, he has a distinct ridiculous book look, like a commodity from DC or Marvel.

9. The Ocean Prince

This ninth entry to the gallery, by artist Akubaka Arts, depicts Kisame in a more regal and staid light, furnishing a new perspective on the character. He doesn’t appear to be a monster, but rather a kingly and elegant figure.

He is the Napoleon of the high swell, and anybody of water can be considered his court. Kisame appears more mortal in this one, with a slim and toned constitution, an angular face, and a relaxed but arrogant expression. Indeed, the red shadows on his Akatsuki cloak are swish.

10. Kisame, the cyberpunk

The final entry, by artist SOLYNK, gives the character a completely new spin. It’s fun to imagine Kisame as a kind of prince or drawn in a Western comic book style, but what if he had an urban, almost cyberpunk appearance? That’s a novel idea for Kisame. Kisame, as usual, is a terrifying beast,

and his love of the sea is evident by the cold rain and the shark logo on that neon sign. Meanwhile, half of Kisame’s face is bathed in blue light, while the other is reddish-magenta, implying blood in the water… or the lights of a police cruiser.

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