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Knowing a little about the Hokage Tsunade Sama

For you who is a fan of our beautiful and powerful Tsunade Sama, We know it as well as beautiful is very strong and to help break has a very strong temperament. Jiraiya says so.

Our beautiful Hokage has some desires and customs that love doing them, one is gambling. But as everyone who watched or read some of your journeys, you know that it is the largest azada in the games industry, and it has implemented several blows to always want money to keep his addiction in gambling.


Tsunade had many challenges to be overcome; The death of her boyfriend the death of his little brother. Everyone had a great desire to be a leader and great Hokage in order to protect the village and its residents. But neither one could even get close to your dreams and Tsunade watched them go early.

After becoming Hokage, Sakura Haruno asked Tsunade to trained in order to teach their jutsu in order to get stronger and keep up with the team 7.

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