10 things you didn’t know about Koji Kashin.

Koji Kashin is one of the most interesting characters of Boruto. He is also a member of the evil organization Kara. The organization was established by Jigen. The role of Koji Kashin is bigger than most of the other characters. Many things about Koji Kashin are still unknown but with every episode, we learn more about him. In this blog, we will see 10 things about Koji Kashin that you didn’t know earlier.

Kashin Koji

Koji Kashin bears Kara’s Roman numeral II on his eyes.

Every Kara member has a Roman number assigned to them. Kashin Koji is assigned the number II to him. Jigen was assigned number IV. The reason why these roman numerals are assigned to them is still unknown.

Kashin Koji

Kashin Koji was created by Kara’s scientist Amado.

Unlike other members of Kara, Kashin Koji was created artificially. He was created by Amado. Amado used the DNA of a very powerful character and created Kashin Koji. Because of the DNA that Koji has, he can adapt to the toughest conditions easily. Kashin Koji has great strength in that he can fight the strongest of characters.

Kashin Koji

Kashin is a clone of Jiraiya

As I told you earlier that Kashin was create by Amado. Amado used the DNA of Jiraiya to create Kashin. Although Kashin’s past was not much explored in the anime his fight with Jigen reveals many things. Kashin Koji was actually the clone of Jiraiya and was create using his DNA. This also tells how the Jutsu of Kashin is very similar to that of Jiraiya.

Kashin Koji

Kashin is stronger than Jiraiya

Amado made some modifications to Kashin’s body while creating him from Jiraiya’s DNA. The modifications made his body grew stronger. Kashin Koji is better than Jiraiya in every aspect. Despite being a clone of Jiraiya he is more powerful than Jiraiya. This was prove in his fight with Jigen. In the fight, he was able to overwhelm him. To some extent, he was also able to fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Kashin Koji

He is a Mount Myoboku Senjutsu User just like Jiraiya and Naruto.

Kashin Koji is a very strong character. His power increases to a great extent when he enters the Senjutsu mode of Mount Myoboku. Koji used the ability of Senjutsu against Isshiki. The use of Senjutsu allows Kashin to fight against Isshiki before finally being beaten.

Kashin Koji

Kashin Koji was able to mix his natural Chakra with his Sage Mode.

Koji is a clone of Jiraiya. Despite being a clone he is much stronger than Jiraiya. Both Jiraiya and Koji can use Senjutsu. The only difference between Jiraiya and Koji’s sage mode is that Jiraiya’s Sage Mode is imperfect while the Sage Mode of Koji is perfect. Koji’s Sage mode is perfect and completely balanced and he is able to combine his natural Chakra with his Sage Mode.

Kashin Koji

Koji’s natural types are Earth and Fire release but he can use others as well.

Koji has the ability to use Ninjutsu. He has great skill with Fire release. Koji Kashin has a good hold over Earth’s release as well. He also has the ability to use water release and wind release as well. Being a genetic clone of Jiraiya he is able to do everything that Jiraiya could. Because of the modifications by Amado he has increased his powers more than Jiraiya.

Koji can use a more powerful form of Fire release Ninjutsu.

Koji can use fire release very effectively. Perhaps his greatest power is the use of fire release. He has mastered the skill of fire release. His greatest technique is Trance of True Flames. Trance of True Flames is highly powerful and upon contact, it burns the opponents until they die. The technique is also known as Zanmai no Shinka. The technique is so powerful that no rain or wind can stop the flames. Even the regeneration abilities of Kara members could not keep up the flames.

He can use space-time Ninjutsu

Kashin can use space-time Ninjutsu and has the ability to enter and leave the dimension of the Ten-Tails without any problem.

Koji made his debut at different times in manga and anime:

Kashin is one of those characters who appeared at different times in manga and anime. In anime, he made his debut in episode 53. In the manga, he made his debut after the wrapping up of the Momoshiki arc. Hence his appearance in the manga and anime happened at different times.

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