How Kurse deflected Thor’s Mjolnir in Thor: The Dark World?

Kurse: Thor’s Mjolnir is one of the most interesting weapons of the entire

Marvel Cinematic Universe, only the worthy can lift it and it also channelizes

and amplifies the power of the beholder. And we have seen in one of the

scenes of Avengers: endgame that even Thanos was not able to deflect full

speed Mjolnir that Thor threw at him and he used Iron Man as a shield to

protect himself from that attack and we also know that how much damage

this full speed Mjolnir did to Iron Man such that he lost his consciousness

for some time. But then we also saw a moment in Thor the dark world in

which we saw Kurse deflecting a full speed Mjolnir thrown to him at a full

Kurse: How Kurse deflected Thor’s Mjolnir in Thor The Dark World?

pace just using his hand and many of you might have wondered about it

as well that how did that happen. So the reason for this is the power that

Kurse was able to get from the Kurse stone which was taking power from

the real stone and as we know that whosever’s power source is the infinity stone

how powerful it gets and there is no ifs and buts in that. he was taking

power from the real stone and hence he became so powerful that he was

able to deflect Mjolnir even without looking at it because with the Kurse

stone he also got the ability to see 360 degrees from anywhere. And

hence to defeat Kurse cleverness was required rather than strength and

because of this only Thor who was so powerful took all the beating from


Kurse and Loki who is not that powerful defeated easily by trapping him in his

own black hole grenade and creating a small black hole in which got captured.

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