Top 10 facts about Langris Vaude Black Clover 2022

Langris Vaude is a nobleman from House Vaude, a 1st Class Senior Magic Knight, and the former vice-captain of the Golden Dawn squad of the Clover Kingdom. Tota is a village in the Clover Kingdom where he was born. He is also the elf Ratri’s human vessel. Two tattoos form on Langris’s forehead and flow down to his cheeks, passing over his eyes, and his ears become pointed while possessed by Ratri. Let’s talk about some interesting facts about Langris Vaude.


10. Young Man with a Small Build

Langris is a small-framed young man. His thick, wavy brown hair is brushed up in the back but permitted to fall over his forehead and face in the front. He, like his brother, has huge, downturned eyes and, for the most part, an agreeable smile on his face. He’s dressed in a complete Golden Dawn outfit, which includes a high-collared belted tunic, light pants, and knee-high boots. He also has a larger knee-length cape linked to his hooded Golden Dawn cloak. His squad’s emblem is on his left shoulder, as it is for all knights, but he additionally has a smaller badge pinned next to it.


9. Confidence in Langris abilities

Langris appears to have a bright, upbeat attitude at a first impression. He smiles even while he’s in the middle of a conflict and is confident in his talents. This, like most aristocrats, verges on arrogance. He also has a high level of conceit and self-importance, as well as a disdain for anyone he considers to be beneath him, which is common among nobility. The peasantry standing up for him or turning the other way contrasts with his worldview, fueling his fury and inferiority feeling.


8. Langris Sadistic in Nature

Langris, on the other hand, is sadistic, as he attempts to murder his older brother after overcoming him. Despite his reputation as a talented brother, Langris has a hatred against Finral, who was always hailed for his kindness and popularity. After seeing others rush to Finral’s help after Langris chopped him down, his hatred for him intensifies. He exhibits no regret for his actions during his fight against Asta in the Royal Knights Selection Exam and asserts that due to his power, he would always be superior to others, especially Finral.


7. Langris Inferiority Complex

His mentality is ultimately driven by deep insecurity that has manifested as an inferiority complex. Langris believes his parents only adore him because of his considerably greater magic over Finral’s, which has led to his Golden Dawn leadership position. He believes that until he beats Finral in everything, he will lose his family’s love and care. Because of his need to win and be love as a result of it, he feels that winning makes one right, and because he has never lost, he believes (incorrectly) that he is right about everything and exceptional because of it and his talent.


6. Langris Hates Being Overlooked

When he is provoked, his rage is vast and lethal, and his brother may easily set him off because his fiancée believes Finral is the better brother because of his good-hearted demeanour, as opposed to Langris, who has proven to be better than Finral in every manner that Langris considers significant. When he is mocked, such as when Asta chastises him for harming Finral or for being willing to sacrifice citizens to prove his dominance, he becomes agitated. He also despises being neglect, such as when Yuno declares his intention to become the Golden Dawn’s captain, implying to Langris that Yuno did not think he was worthy of being considere a competitor, further feeding his inferiority complex.


5. Has Lighter Brown Wavy Hair

Langris Vaude has a height of 166 cm. His lighter brown wavy hair slants over his brow to the left side of his face, while his right side is slicked back. He has lazy downturned eyes that are green/blue in color, as well as a pleasant, smug-like grin on his face the majority of the time. We normally see him dressed in the Golden Dawn full outfit and knee-high boots. He also wears the GD mantle, which is accompanied by a larger cape.


4. Langris Born into House Vaude

Langris was born into the Vaude family, which specializes in spatial magic. Being born after Finral and, I suppose, as a result of his father’s affair with another lady. His parents complimented him solely for his magic and were unconcerned about practically everything else. Langris succeeds his elder brother, who was regarde as a failure due to his “poor” spatial magic, as the family’s next leader. Finral finds her extremely stunning and beautiful, but He thinks she’s quite dull. One day, a girl who is supposed to be his fiancee arrives to their house and introduces herself; Finral finds her absolutely stunning and attractive, but Langris thinks she’s rather boring. Finral, on the other hand, has had enough and leaves his family, changing his surname.


3. Langris Abilities and Equipment

Langris wields a great deal of magic power as a nobleman and former vice-captain of the Golden Dawn squad. He easily overcomes one of the Diamond Kingdom’s Eight Shining Generals, and he can gather enough strength to match his own doubling spell in a matter of seconds. Langris retains some of Ratri’s magic after being freed from the elf’s grasp. He can amplify the power of his spells by controlling the mana in the region around him. Within Zenon Zogratis’s Spatial Mana Domination, he uses this to create a barrier. Langris has a three leaf clover grimoire with a variety of space-based magic spells. He rarely has to open his grimoire and cast specific spells because of his Spatial Magic’s strength.

2. Casual Kind Personality

Langris has a devil-may-care attitude and a laid-back demeanour. He is very confident in his abilities and skills. However, he is also a sadistic mfo at a deeper level of his psyche. He was raised to believe that he was greater and more intelligent than his brother, both magically and academically. Langris had always looked down on his brother as a result of his upbringing, and he couldn’t bear him earning praise or seeing him succeed at something. Finral was always recognize for his wonderful heart and lovely nature, and Langris grew increasingly distant from his brother as a result. As Finral leaves the household, Langris’ animosity for him grows even stronger.

1. His Magic

Langris manipulates space with this unique magical ability. He can transfer anything, including magic, out of existence with his uncommon offensive Spatial Magic. Langris is rated as the second finest spatial mage by Zenon Zogratis. This type of magic is use by Langris to improve his physical powers.

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