Fortnite: is one of the best games, developed by epic games and released in 2017 which already make its place in the entire gaming world.

Fortnite: As Everyone knows about this game and most of them had already played it.

Here in this game the battle could be fight between different players as well.

In fact 100 players can play the game at a time and the most surprising thing is that the the players

are also given full freedom to create the world and battle arenas by fortnite players are given full freedom..

As the technology is improving it makes some changes in the playing section

and these changes are converting into versions usually.

All the versions are making it more interesting.
New update
Now a day the Fortnite announced some amazing new features through the official Twitter account. In this update, the player will be able to enjoy more as usual. Here is the list of some changes:

Balance changes

Additionally, The balance change is the latest in Fortnite post on the official Twitter account by its mentors Simply These changes are Double crafting parts in the floor loot stacks, bow headshot, and speed arrow, stats for all SMGs, etc.

Latest news about an updated version of Fortnite

Fortnite creative

  • As it has been update with its new version so it becomes more creative and interesting. and Few aspects explored are
  • It is available to everyone.
  • New values added in Max player option
  • a new option added to My Island Game
  • Is that The setting of the Island Game must be permanent by its functions so set according to your needs.
  • You can Improve stability and fix issues with accessing the map in the replay section.
  • Thus, these are some new changes that occur in the updated version.

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