League of Legends is commonly known as League.

League of Legends: It is a multiplayer online battle video game publish and developed by Riot Games.

The game was release in October 2009 and free to play.

Here it is mention about purchasable character customization.

It is available for macOS and Windows platforms.

Gameplay In the game, there are two teams and each team has 5 players.

Each player has their character with the abilities that are known as “Champion”.

In between the game, the champion becomes more powerful by collecting experience points,

purchase items to defeat the opposing team, and earning gold.

How to play?

League of Legends
League of Legends is a team-based game where two teams face off to destroy each other base Here,

the gamer will get the chance to select their role from over 140 champions for making epic plays to victory

If the gamer needs to win the game he/she needs to destroy the Nexus of the opposite team Nexus is theheart of both teams It is found in minions spawn where you can easily replenish health For reaching to the Nexus the gamer need to clear the path is block by turrets and inhibitors Nexus is guard by two turrets, so you need to destroy them first.

The next aspect is to kill the two most important monsters which can grant some unique stuff.
Most champions have unique abilities which help in winning the game Moreover, they will get some rewards by log-in. So, if you like to play games with friends then try League of Legends.

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