a record for the game which is Legend of Zelda has been set as own copy of this game has been sold for $870,000 in an auction.

An unopened cartridge of the very popular game is NES classic The Legend of Zelda

which was date back to the year 1987. Which is now has been sold in an auction for

a swoopy amount of $870,000. An anonymous bidder who has won this game

cartridge just after the Heritage Auctions start its bids which was start

from $100,000. As per the Heritage, this cartridge of this game was one of the

very rare variant collections of its original run called as Rev-A“. The thing that

makes all of this even more sought is that after this the Legend of Zelda still

continues so as to go and become more strong in gaming history till this date.

As The sequel of this game the latest in its franchise also known as

“Breath of the Wild” recently given it’s sneak peek at the event of

Nintendo’s E3 direct. This game originally produce only for around a few

months in the year 1987 before it was replacing officially on the store’s

shelves with another game variant which was call “Rev-B”

Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda sealed copy is sold for $870,000 in an auction

This cartridge of this game which was auctione off was consider as a part of its Nintendo’s “NES R” run.

And its originally precede by its only one other variant of this

game which was call as “NES TM” which was consider to be the very first

ever in the production run for the same game title. If I even have missed any great

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