Top 10 facts about Licht Bach Plunderer 2022

Licht Bach: “The Flash Baron” is one of the Legendary Red Barons, and he is one of the seven Legendary Red Barons. Because of their heroic actions during the Abandonment War 300 years ago, they are also known as the Legendary Ace or the Fabled Ace. As a Baron, Licht Bach is able to move at incredible speeds thanks to his strengthened legs. He has the ability to travel at speeds faster than light and sound. Licht may destroy individuals at an atomic level after unleashing Schmelman’s bloodlust. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 facts about Licht.

Licht Bach

10. Licht Bach Appearing as a Strange Prevert

While Licht initially appears as a bizarre pervert in a mask, he is later shown to be a Legendary Fabled Ace (strong heroes who lived over 300 years ago and put an end to the continuous waste war), and while he appears to be carrying two counts, it is implied that he may have another. He is known as the “Ace of Flashing Strikes,” the Legendary Aces’ leader, and the first soldier to undergo Ace surgery. He was given the rank of Colonel. Licht Bach is attracted to Hina. He has a total of 1001 times he has been rejected by girls. A total of 5700 votes have been cast in his favor (57,000 in other personalities). The number of foes he kills determines his total. Light-speed is his ace ability.

Licht Bach

9. Licht Bach Known by his Real Name

Plunderer’s primary male protagonist, Licht Bach, is also known by his real name, Sakai Rihito. He is the “Flash Baron,” one of the seven legendary Red Barons. Except for his long white hair and towering stature, Licht looks nearly the same after 300 years as he did before the conflict. His eyes are crimson, and his complexion is fair, yet his appearance is not unusual. Before becoming a Baron, he had dark blue eyes and black hair.

Licht Bach

8. Hides his face under Mask

He hides his face under a variety of masks. They are Noh masks, which are traditional Japanese theatrical masks. He even wears outfits that make him appear unassuming, such as a pudding cup with his sword repurposed as a spoon. He usually wears a scarlet robe thrown over his shoulders with armor underneath and jet-powered boots. It’s unclear whether the boots are still functional. His count is written on the back of his hand. At the opening of the series, the count is a startling -999.

Licht Bach

7. Licht Bach Code “001”

In Licht’s left eye, a number code “001” can be seen at times. Although it hasn’t been proven, this is most likely his Aerial Ace Project identification code. This code can also be found among the other Barons. Taketora is 003 while Tokikaze is 002. The order in which they were made into Barons is represented by this code. Licht has unkempt, mid-back length hair when he first appears, which he cuts shorter mid-battle, and a Noh mask, which he also destroys during his fight with Davi.

Licht Bach

6. Licht Bach Enigmatic in Nature

In terms of intentions, he is enigmatic. He tries to hide the fact that he is a Baron, but his immense power and refusal to let people suffer forces him to show himself frequently. In a manner that’s almost amusing, he’s also brazenly perverted and needy. On first acquaintance, he may appear to be naughty. He’s used to girls refusing him and hating him, and he has a stone face when confronted with the truth. When he realizes the true power of his Ballot, he develops an unquenchable thirst for blood and a desire to destroy all adversaries.

Licht Bach

5. Licht Bach Flash Mask

After Licht was absorbed by Taketora’s black hole, seven Baron’s masks were seen floating in the “world of darkness” and surrounding Licht in the final episode of the Plunderer anime. The Flash Mask, for example, represents Licht’s misery and self-blaming for his own mistakes. The Flash Mask, like the other masks, attempts to condemn Licht’s deeds and advises him to give up and die. However, after remembering his pledge to Hina and the others, Licht breaks the masks and splits the “world of evil,” allowing him to escape.

Licht Bach

4. Licht Bach Abilities and Power

The ‘first count,’ which is on his left hand and says “-999,” is separated from the second count,’ which is on his right hand. Because it is the “first one seen,” this count is the “first count.” After the Abandonment War concluded, this count was made. After 300 years of wandering Althea, Licht and Nana decided to acquire a second count to “fit in” with the rest of the population. This Count, according to Nana, represents the number of girls who have been close to him. If he declines them, his count drops, and so versa. After Hina labels him a liar and declares that she despises him, his count drops to -1000. Currently, he has a count of -1002.

Licht Bach

3. Appeared in Schmelman’s Alternative Tales

In the Cinderella portion, Licht plays Cinderella’s eldest sister-in-law. As Licht’s character, he teased Jail (as the second eldest sister-in-law) about his clothing because he was dressed in women’s apparel, which irritated Jail. As Hina (as Cinderella) attempted to calm Jail, Licht rushed to examine her underwear, but Jail stopped him. Soon, both Licht and Jail are disputing their respective attitudes. Hina wonders why they can’t get along, and Gespenst (as the youngest sister-in-law) claims that Licht and Jail are truly excellent friends, despite the fact that they both disagree with him.

2. Flashing Strike

His legs have been improved to allow him to go at incredible speeds, even faster than the speed of light. Licht, according to Nikola, has extraordinary speed and can travel faster than the speed of sound. His opponents are unable to see his movements since he moves so quickly. The power to leap to incredible heights and distances. Many people incorrectly believe Licht is flying when he tries to jump high.

1. Special Equipment Flight

During his time fighting in the Abandonment War 300 years, Licht was given specialized equipment to help and complement his fighting abilities in battle, just like the rest of his fellow Barons. In particular, Licht was given specialized jet boots that allowed him to fly, float, and glide through the air, greatly enhancing his “Flash” power. Although Licht still wears his jet boots today, it is unknown if they are still functioning.

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