Loki confidants and cohorts.

Loki cohorts: Being the God of Mischief and having stabbed

every friend almost every time is quite a good indication to

tell that how many friends that person would have and yes

I am certainly talking about Loki. Loki was adopted by Odin

and when Loki comes to know that he has been adopted he

started hating Odin and thought that Odin has done all this

just to fulfill some of his political propaganda and because of

this rage and anger that he emerged towards his father, he

even tried to kill him and in almost all sense he became the

ultimate reason of Odin’s death Loki also has tried to kill Thor

and has betrayed him almost every time Thor has trusted him.

Loki cohorts
Loki cohorts: Loki confidants and cohorts.

Now coming back to what the title says Loki’s confidants and cohorts.

So it doesn’t matter what Loki has done to Thor and Odin,

they were always loyal and true to him and have always

wanted the best for him and this makes both Odin and Thor

are good Cohorts of Loki. Apart from them, Loki’s mother,

Frigga, who was the only person whom Loki loved, was the

only confidant of Loki, with whom Loki used to share his

feeling and from whom he learnt all his magical tricks.

Frigga was the only confidant that Loki had but ultimately

Loki becomes the reason for her death as well Also, we got

to see a slight change in Loki’s behavior in Thor Ragnarok

Loki cohorts

where he gained the confidence of the grandmaster and

ultimately aligns with Thor and Valkyrie and helped them

in escaping from Sakaar and further helped them in

defeating Hela and saving the remaining Asgardian population

from Ragnarok as well So this was the small list of Loki’s

confidants and cohorts which ends with only 3-4 members

added in it.

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