The Loki Episode 5th is now on Disney plus.

Today we are getting to talking about the latest 5th episode of Loki on

Disney plus (2021) season which is an Action as well as a fiction season.

there are some shocking moments throughout and a few resurrections also

this continued very nicely from the previous episode and therefore the whole

mystery of who is running the TVA after we saw that the timekeepers were

androids which wasn’t the important thing we have this big mystery that’s still

live who is that the author the curtain who’s pulling all the strings. the fifth

episode is played nicely into this we saw at the top of the fourth episode that

he’s now within the void he met several different Loki’s classic Loki kid Loki

Loki Episode 5th

alligator Loki and boastful Loki and that we learned tons about those Loki’s within

the fifth episode and even getting some more Loki’s president Loki also so now

they’re within the void and he wants to urge back to the TVA and he learns that

these other Loki’s have had similar storylines. we learned that boastful Loki claims

to possess vanquished both captain America and iron man before claiming all six

infinity stones kid Loki managed to kill their brother thor and an alligator Loki a

reptile faraway from time for eating the incorrect cat it’s fun to observe tom

Loki Episode 5th

Hiddleston’s interacts with all the opposite Loki’s during this episode.

we had some twists and turns with more Loki’s we had president Loki then

boastful Loki was trying to require over the throne that child Loki had then

the group of Loki’s took over president Loki so there is a lot of stuff surrounding

the Loki’s during this episode but the most Loki is trying to urge back to the TVA

to work out what’s happening. in this episode seeing all the various Loki’s was

really cool but seeing classic Loki and the way he was ready to be quite what

we thought he was there are some really quite personal moments where he says

that he missed his family he missed Asgard he missed his brother he states that

they are all gods of outcasts who are forever punished by fate to merely survive as

time passes them by so watching how all of them quite are ready to have these

Loki Episode 5th

little small personal moments and believe their lives and their situation added tons

of depth to the Loki variants within this episode. this episode was very strong and

giving us depth to some smaller characters and classic Loki also while still managing

to play abreast of that mystery. it had been really fun to watch this episode. If I even

have missed a great point about this. Kindly comment below so as that everybody

can share. We’ll be happy to tell us about them in the comments. So write your

thoughts down below within the comment box and truly as always you’ll inspect some

more of my blogs.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Episode waa very good nd strong. In reading tome i got a little smile on my face 😊.
    Thanku so much for shairing 🙏🏻

  2. 5th episode of loki was very funny and children also watch this episode. They were so excited. I wait for next episode.

  3. It’s action and fiction story.. really very interesting..
    I would be interested in upcoming episodes…it’s very entertaining

  4. It’s wonderful story..all the characters in this story narrated very well..please post all the episodes one release.

  5. The 5th episode was amazing. The void, alioth and all the other variants of lokis like kid loki, classic loki and boastfull loki etc. The most shocking moment was when alioth died and and he who remains castle was revealed.


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