Loki the god: What is Loki the god of?

Loki the god: Loki is the adopted son of Odin and also the rightful heir of the

realm of Jotunheim and the son of the king of Jotunheim and frost giants,

Laufey. Loki is originally a frost giant and left somewhere to die because of

his small size despite being a frost giant, by his father, Laufey, and Odin

who had a war with Laufey at that time, after defeating Laufey found Loki

somewhere in the strongholds of frost giants and he decided to adopt Loki

and raise him along with his other son Thor. Loki was then taken to Asgard

Loki the god

and raised there with the real son of Odin Thor and there Loki also learn

various magic and tricks from his mother, Frigga, who was a master of all

magical tricks and was brought up and teach magic by wizards. Since he

learned magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and many other supernatural tricks and

was always find of doing mischief he was given the title of God of mischief.

Loki always wanted to be the king of Asgard and always hate being in the

shadow of Thor or considering weaker than Thor. Later when Thor was

given banishment from Midgard, Odin told Loki about his truth that

Loki the god

How he has been adopted by Odin and Frigga.

Hearing his truth he got furious and raged that he has been lie to the rest

of his life and he assumed himself that Odin has used him to fulfill some

political propaganda and Odin has never loved him and therefore he started

hating Odin from there onwards. And from there onwards, Loki started his

journey of proving himself superior to Thor and to get control over the

kingdom of Asgard and then over the entire world.

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