Loki variant: So we all have seen 4 episodes of Loki

Loki variant: that are released till now and at the same time we are excited about the 5th

episode and as expected there are many secrets that are going to be revealed

in the 5th episode. But the one thing that hurts me the most is the unclear

criteria for being a variant. So as I have said this, many of you must be like,

haven’t you seen the first episode of the series, it is clearly explaine that what

is a variant? So, yes I have seen the first episode and I know how it was explaine

Loki variant

in the series, there is a sacred timeline and if someone tries to create a different

timeline simultaneously by creating a nexus gateway then he is known as a variant.

Now, this was okay till the first episode but as the series progresses this definition

has created many confusions, and now if you have watched all 4 episodes you

will agree with me that there are no particular criteria for defining a variant.

This definition is also unclear and creates many questions as to how there are so many

persons that have created a different timeline and how do these persons create a

different timeline as timekeepers create a sacred timeline and this timeline decides

Loki variant
Loki variant: vagueness of criteria for being a variant!

that what is going to happen in a person’s entire life so how there are some loopholes

created in this sacred timeline and some people created a different timeline as if

everything is predefine then who is going to break this sacred timeline should also

be predefine and then it is also not clear that how these people create a different

timeline in these predefined sacred timelines. That’s why I feel that the criterion for

defining a variant is still vague.

If I actually have overlooked any outstanding factor approximately this topic.

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