Loki web series has finally gone on-air and as expected

Marvel fans Loki web series director by kate Herron and screenwriter by Michael Waldron has got a much better response from the audience as compared

to marvel’s last two web series, Wanda Vision, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier

but still after seeing the first episode of Loki (god of mischief) I have found some plot holes in Loki

web series as many things are left unclear in the first episode and many things have

not been given a proper explanation. Starting from the first plot hole that I noticed,

when Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was presented in front of Ravonna and agent Mobius (owen wilson). Ravonna told him that Loki has broken

the rules of time and he has tried to create an alternative timeline but then Loki (role as the god) asked

that it was Avengers (avengers infinity war) events of avengers endgame, who were responsible for all this, and to that, Ravonna replies that

it was their destiny. I mean this response was so lame and was not at all satisfactory either.

Loki web series

Okay let us consider that as well, for a moment, but then how did Loki (anti hero) get to know that

Avengers did time travel because Loki smelled Tony stark I mean literally I can also apply

the same perfume that tony applies, and then Loki (resumes his role) will think that I am also Tony stark and

so this explanation was also very lame. But now what I am going to say, is, according to

me the biggest loophole that should have been explaining. Now, what Avengers did,

Captain America recovered it at the end and hence he restored the alternative timeline

that they have been creating but what about Thanos coming into the future from 2014

and then what about 2014 there should no Thanos in 2014’s timeline and that timeline

should have completely been destroying what about that? Why TVA didn’t arrest Thanos?

Why Thanos was not considering a variant (mercurial villain loki) Sophia di Martino Loki variant? So all questions were not answer and even

those answered are unclear and non-satisfactory (mischief in a new series).

If I actually have overlooked any outstanding factor approximately this topic.

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