Top 10 facts about Luck Voltia Black Clover 2022

Luck Voltia: This combat-crazed freak may appear strange, but in a fight, he’s a force to be reckoned with. He can move exceedingly quickly and uses Lightning Magic. Luck Voltia has significantly superior mana detecting abilities than even royals, and he can identify a formidable opponent from a great distance. He aided his team in reaching the Royal Knight selection exam’s semi-finals. When an elf possessed him, his Magic might be substantially augmented, and he nearly destroyed an entire hamlet. Fans like him, but not almost as much as they should, considering his power. Let’s talk about some interesting facts about Luck Voltia.

Luck Voltia

10. Luck Voltia is a Human Vessel

Luck Voltia is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight in the Black Bull and Royal Knights squads of the Clover Kingdom. He is also the elf Lufulu’s human vessel. Luck is a short young man with blue eyes and blond hair that is medium length and unkempt. His earlobes and forehead are both covered by his hair. Luck is also a prankster who would purposefully bother his squadmates by stealing their possessions or setting up various traps around them to have a good time.

Luck Voltia

9. Wears Simple Outfit

Luck wears an aqua-blue tunic with long sleeves in a pretty modest ensemble. As the sleeves approach closer to Luck’s hands, the tunic appears slack. Furthermore, the tunic’s length falls just below his waist, giving it the appearance of being a size larger for Luck. His teal pants come to just below his knees. It also includes light-colored bands on the sides with stitch-like cross patterns from top to bottom. Luck also has a pouch for his grimoire, which he wears on his chest and secures with a belt. Finally, Luck is dressed in a pair of light-brown boots that reach just above his ankles.

Luck Voltia

8. Luck Voltia Member of Black Bull

Luck wears the Black Bulls’ trademark robe as a team member. The robe in question is dark and covers the upper half of his torso. Around the borders and the hood are gold embellishments. It also features a gold button to keep the robe together, located on the right side, while the squad’s symbol is on the left side. Two tattoos develop under Luck’s eyes, and his ears grow pointy while possessed by Lufulu.

Luck Voltia

7. Luck Voltia A Sociopathic Personality

Luck has a near-sociopathic mentality in which he appears to be unable to communicate anything other than joy, a quality that perplexed his mother. He also has a strong desire to fight and destroy his adversaries. He may even advise that his opponent be put in a near-death situation while maintaining his smiles, earning him the moniker Smiling Battle Maniac. Luck is also obsessed with defeating his opponent without outside help due to a promise he made to his late mother. However, after joining the Black Bull for a while and meeting Asta, Luck learns to function as part of a team with his teammates.

Luck Voltia

6. Enjoys the Notion of Fighting

Aside from winning battles, Luck liked the idea of fighting and would frequently request a “deathmatch” with his commander or squadmates. Luck also employs his perceptive ability to identify the most powerful opponent in the area. He is quickly enthralled, especially when he sees someone who demonstrates excellent strength. This will make him tremble with excitement at the prospect of attacking that individual. Luck is still vulnerable to fear despite his enthusiasm for battles and desire to face formidable opponents. When he saw Zenon Zogratis easily defeat a contingent of Diamond Kingdom soldiers, including two Shining Generals, Luck admitted for the first time that he would not want to face the mage from the Spade Kingdom.

Luck Voltia

5. Luck Voltia A Commoner Born

Luck is a commoner from Yvon, a village in the Clover Kingdom, born and reared in a typical household. He spends most of his youth with his mother, although their relationship is strained owing to his inability to stop smiling. When he defeats a fellow student of noble rank during his school’s magic tournament, however, his mother’s attitude toward him begins to alter. When he tells his mother about the triumph, she begins to hug him and urges Luck to keep winning in the ahead of future, a promise he has tried to maintain since then. Luck’s mother dies of stress sometime later, leaving Luck to fend for himself on his own.

4. Luck Voltia Magic

This magical ability is used by Luck to control lightning. Before firing the lightning towards his opponent, he concentrates it on his hand. [143] Luck’s Lightning Magic has tremendously improved since witnessing Lufulu handle his body and mana. Luck generates and manipulates genuine lightning using the Heart Kingdom’s magic technology and natural mana. This type of Magic is used by Luck to mold lightning into items. To improve his fighting abilities, he dresses in lightning. This type of Magic is used by Luck to enhance his physical talents. To make more powerful spells, Luck fuses his Lightning Magic with the Magic of others.

3. Luck Voltia Abilities

Luck is an expert in the art of hand-to-hand fighting. He uses it as his primary fighting style, combining his Magic with his hand-to-hand prowess to deliver more lethal blows. All Magic Knights captains have recognized luck’s capacity to perceive mana from a vast distance. Yami Sukehiro also compliments him on his ability to outperform even aristocrats in this area. He can detect Magic from great distances and distinguish between the magical characteristics of individuals within a group. Luck has remarkable stamina, as seen by his ability to stand and battle even after being injured by a supernatural strike.

2. Mana Method

After receiving instruction, luck has learned to employ the Heart Kingdom’s unique magic skill. He frequently uses this method to generate arrays in mid-air, giving him different places to ricochet and increasing his speed because he is good at forming arrays near his hands and feet. He can also construct multi-layered arrays, increasing his pace and breaking through magically fortified defenses.

1. Possesses a Grimoire

Luck has a three-leaf clover grimoire with a variety of lightning-based magic spells. Light blue covers with plant-like motifs on both surfaces and lightning bolt designs on the spine adorn the grimoire. After training with Dryad, luck has learned the elves’ magic technique for fully embodying his powers. He must borrow natural mana to compensate for his lack of magic strength, as he has less Magic than the elves.

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