All the updates about Netflix’s He-Man sequel anime series that you should Know

Masters of the Universe: Revelation this is a new anime which may be a sequel to the long-lasting sword

and even also it is considered to be the sorcery fantasy animated series about He-Man

and which is why it is called as the Masters of the Universe actual. As Here’s everything

we are going to provide you most of the important information.

Literally Masters of the Universe: Revelation is considered to be an upcoming adult but also unique

animated superhero Netflix series which is create by Mallrats famous director Kevin Smith indeed.

Now, why would there will be a series of a few peripheral super hero’s simultaneously who is not having

any of the dazzling and dashing powers that means to say those powers that Avengers possess.

Certainly The base of this anime is considered to be very old and nostalgic as well.

On the other hand The sword-and-sorcery themed show which brought the old classic nostalgic

battle in sooth so as to save lots of the dominion of Eternia from hands of the evil designs of Skeletor finally.

In the same way He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was consider to be the one of among

the very foremost popular and famous cartoons in the world too.

Even As mentioned above, this new Netflix anime series is predicate on the first that

was air within the US in era of 1980s yet, which was create by the presently defunct

production company named Filiation for the line of toys branded by Mattel further.

Masters of the Universe Revelation
Masters of the Universe Revelation (2021): New Netflix Anime Series

Masters of the Universe Revelation Release date

However Revelation will going to be premiere on the platform Netflix rather on the date of July 23, 2021.


  • He-Man will be Chris Wood
  • Mer-Man will be Kevin Conroy
  • Skeletor will be Mark Hamill
  • Trap Jaw will be Diedrich Bader
  • Man-at-Arms will be Liam Cunningham
  • Teela will beSarah Michelle Gellar
  • Evil-Lyn will be Lena Headey
  • Roboto will be Justin Long
  • Stinkor will be Jason Mews
  • Sorceress will be Susan Eisenberg
  • He-Ro will be Phil LaMarr
  • Orko will be Griffin Newman
  • Moss Man will be Alana Oppenheimer
  • Beast Man exoected to be Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Tri-Klops will be Henry Rollins
  • Cringe will be Stephen Root
  • Queen Marlena will be Alicia Silverstone
  • Ileena will be Harley Quinn-Smith
  • Andra will be Tiffany Smith
  • Priestess will be Cree Summer

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