One Punch Man Metal Bat The Monstrous Battling Soul

Metal Bat: Bad Aka Metal Bat is one of the most dominant and powerful, S-Class ranked heroes in the Series.

Metal Bat is a young man with dark hair styled in a pompadour and dim eyes that underscore his hot attitude. He wears dark bontan pants and a dark Japanese school uniform, which he wraps over his red long-sleeved turtleneck sweater. Metal Bat has a lot of trust in himself, expressing that he doesn’t mind whether a danger is a Demon or Dragon level. However, he is by all accounts reckless and careless,

as displayed when he quickly crushed one of Melzargard’s marbles instead of attempting to investigate what reason it serves for the adversary. Moreover, he was ready to challenge Sweet Mask for his deriding disposition

before being hindered by a call from his sister and Sweet Mask’s supervisor. As an S-Class hero, Metal Bat is powerful. Notwithstanding his lower rank, he is a strong and scaring soldier, compromising Sweet Mask (whose capacities genuinely deserve S-Class) with no dread, just as standing his ground against Garou. He is excellent, fit for taking on numerous Demon-level beasts

Metal Bat

without a moment’s delay even after being drugged by one amid the battle. Metal Bat has additionally confronted mythical beast class beasts, figuring out how to cause Elder Centipede impressive torment with his swings. He was likewise ready to battle against Garou in a duel, despite being seriously harmed by rehashed fights against progressively strong adversaries.

How Strong is Metal Bat?

Metal Bat has massive actual strength and has taken out numerous strong beasts and miscreants with a solitary swing of his Bat, including two Demon-level beasts all the while, even Senior Centipede, whose carapace can endure Genos’ Incineration Cannon, couldn’t take a solitary swing from his Bat.

Indeed, even without battling soul, he has demonstrated the option to kill Demon-level enemies with one swing. Despite being unable to break Elder Centipede’s inconceivably outer carapace, he pushed the goliath beast down and left it speechless. It’s prominent that his battling soul uplifts his solidarity, as Garou saw that the more drawn out the battle delays, the more remarkable He becomes,

Metal Bat

to the point that he can undoubtedly obliterate structures and destroy the ground, causing strong shockwaves. Garou even commended him, saying that he would have lost the battle if he got even a solitary strike from the Bat. The force of his swing has dazzled any semblance of Superalloy Darkshine and Bang.

Metal Bat Monstrous Speed and Reflexes:

He had the option to get away from a falling spaceship decently fast, and he even considered Puri-Puri Prisoner slow. Metal Bat additionally has godlike reflexes as found in his battle against Garou, where he’s ready to avoid and impede Garou’s different punches

Metal Bat

regardless of being harm in his fight against Elder Centipede. Metal Bat’s speed, with the battling soul, can even develop to be excessively quick for Garou’s combative techniques to redress. In any case, Murata has expressed that Metal Bat is slow than Sonic.

Metal Bat Monstrous Durability:

Metal Bat likewise has enormous solidness. He had the option to endure numerous shots from Senior Centipede, a Demon-level beast with puncturing power, and from Garou, a strong warrior able to do effectively crushing godlike adversaries. Likewise, he got an immediate hit from Elder Centipede that sent him colliding with a structure

that annihilated a piece of it upon sway yet didn’t appear to be upset by the assault after that. His sturdiness likewise turns out to be all the more remarkable with really battling soul; as the battle among him and Garou advanced,

he turned out to be practically safe to a portion of Garou’s assaults. Furthermore, Metal Bat additionally showed little response to hitting himself on the temple with his Bat

Metal Bat

to counter Rafflesidon’s sedating gas. Finally, virtual Genocide System’s (VGS) reenactments show that He can battle Carnage Kabuto for three minutes. However, Genos was crush in two blows, notwithstanding being overhaul after the battle with Deep Sea King.

Metal Bat Scaled Endurance:

Metal Bat has a lot of perseverance. He can keep battling however long he has Fighting Spirit, as he had the option to go past his body’s cutoff points. He can keep fighting in any event when he has enormous measures of draining and numerous cracked bones. Metal Bat had the option to make due through conflicts with various Tiger-level and two Demon-level mysterious creatures

Metal Bat

alongside 1 Dragon-level puzzling being and Garou in quick progression with a brief period in the middle of them to rest. He assumes he had a battling soul during the Virtual Genocide System’s (VGS) recreation. He would have performed better against Carnage Kabuto.

Metal Bat Recuperating Factor:

Metal Bat can recover from minor blood misfortune and quickly break bones by resting.

Metal Bat

Battling Style

He generally battles by slamming his adversaries into accommodation or passing with his Bat, similar to a run of the mill delinquent. Notwithstanding, assuming that there are rivals who can either endure them or avoid them,

he swings his Bat at various stretches and in strange ways to have the option to strike them down. Among his variety of moves, he likewise has ones made and used to polish off his adversaries. Garou passed judgment on Metal Bat’s general battling style to resemble a novice’s.

Dragon Thrashing Metal Bat releases a flood of smacks with his Bat at a similar spot in numerous points. This assault was first seen utilize against Elder Centipede. The assault was adequately strong to make Elder Centipede yell in torment.

Metal Bat

Savage Tornado Metal Bat fiercely turns with his brand name weapon sufficiently able to make a little twister. The assault is strong enough to cause slight harm to Garou in any event when the last option was repulsing the strikes. In their fight, Garou remarked that had the Bat figured out how to hit him even a solitary time,

it would have been the best end for him. Metal Bat’s particular weapon. It is a dark metal bat with an opaque handle. With Metal Bat’s solidarity, it is sufficiently able to kill Demon-level beasts with one hit. It was make actually for him when he join the positions of the S-Class

and mentioned a bat that wouldn’t break. Despite his reckless nature, Metal Bat is by all accounts exceptionally ready, as he was the first to find Melzargard’s shortcoming. He had the option to see that Elder Centipede ensured his face and reasoned that its unprotected face was its hazardous area. He was brought into the world with an astounding unique vision.


As her elder sibling, Bad incredibly adores Zenko and loves her. However, he esteems guarantees between them with the result of gambling injury. This is seen when he quit assaulting Garou when Zenko was available as Bad vowe never to show her viciousness.


He battled Garou. He accepts Garou is a few troublemakers that intrude on Bad’s genuine hero work like managing Elder Centipede. However, terrible is irritat and annoy by Garou for assaulting him and was centre around putting him down. Garou experiences Metal Bat while heading to battle Watchdog Man. Right away, Garou doesn’t respect Metal Bat; however, later, he concedes that Metal Bat could overcome him with one clean hit assuming he handled a blow.

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