10 Interesting Facts that fans need to know about All Might

MHA All Might: All Might is adored by both the cast and the fans of My Hero Academia. Whether he’s your favorite character or just someone you’re interested in, you might want to learn more about him. Let’s go into some of the more interesting trivia about the #1 Pro Hero with that in mind.

What are some facts about All Might that you didn’t know? You probably already knew that All Might was partially modelled on Superman, but did you know that Kohei Horikoshi thinks that All Might would never be able to defeat the DC hero in a fight? Another interesting fact about his name is that it refers to his position as the eighth holder of One For All. Continue reading to learn how!

MHA All Might

1 He’s a movie aficionado (MHA All Might)

All Might, according to the data books, enjoys watching movies. It’s unclear what kind of films he enjoys. While he may enjoy superhero or action movies, it’s also feasible that he enjoys drama or romantic comedies. Who knows, maybe he’s an anime enthusiast as well.

2 The Eyes Are The Soul’s Window

Horikoshi has stated that successful character design to him means that the audience can tell exactly who the character is just by looking at them. Horikoshi constructs all of his characters with this notion in mind. When it comes to All Might,

it’s evident that the character is meant to be a nod to some golden-age heroes who weren’t quite as dark and grim yet. Horikoshi wanted people to understand that All Might was a true hero through and through, pure as a cloudless blue sky in both nature and intent, with bright, sparkling blue eyes.

MHA All Might

3 His Facts (MHA All Might)

The official stat book is a resource that ranks heroes based on attributes such as strength, intellect, stamina, and speed, among others. These figures are all rated on a scale of one to five, with five being outstanding and one being very poor. While heroes like Sir Nighteye might get a five out of five for intelligence,

and Gran Turino might get a six out of five for speed, All Might gets a surprising six out of five in every category. A feat aimed to demonstrate the number one hero’s incredible and overpowering power.

MHA All Might

4 Hero Support: Is It Worth It? (MHA All Might)

When the All Might is first revealed to fans in My Hero Academia, it’s evident that his super suit doesn’t contain much in the way of hero assistance. In actuality, he’s only dressed in a cape and some stuff. That wasn’t always the case, though. There have been many various outfit alterations over the years,

and some of those costumes did include hero support gear (gauntlets and such). However, as All Might later reveals to Izuku, this armor was frequently extremely large and just served to weigh him down, which is why he eventually dropped the supplement.

MHA All Might

5 Possibly half-American and educated in the United States

Though All Might is widely regard as Japan’s (and the world’s) greatest hero, he does not appear to be Japanese. Toshnori’s father is thought to be Japanese, but his mother is thought to be American,

which could explain his blonde hair and blue eyes. While this hasn’t been officially proven,

it is known that All Might did spend some time in America studying to become a hero. Fans will have to wait till Horikoshi digs deeper into All Might’s past before learning the truth about his origins.

MHA All Might

6 Another connection to Dragon Ball Z (MHA All Might)

While it was previously state that Horikoshi drew inspiration for All Might from Dragon Ball Z, the English dub of the anime has another tie to the classic series.

Christopher Sabat, a voice actor, provides All Might’s voice in the English dub. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will remember this name as the voice of Vegeta, Picollo, Shenron, Yamcha, and nearly all of the other characters in the iconic anime series.

MHA All Might

7 IC-313 Galaxy (The All Might Galaxy)

My Hero Academia is a series that has profoundly altered places and people on Earth, but it has also altered events in the great darkness of space. After falling in love with the series and All Might,

a fan not only bought a galaxy in the series’ honor but also named it after the series’ number one hero, All Might. The fan went one step further after receiving the certificate and presented it to Horikoshi at one of his appearances.

MHA All Might

8 More Massive Than A Mountain (MHA All Might)

The-Mountain-Game-of-Thrones Though All Might isn’t much of sight outside of his muscle form, the hero measures a huge seven feet two inches tall and weighs an incredible 255KG (or 562.179 pounds) in his muscle form! Take, for example, Hafór Jlus Björnsson, the actor who played The Mountain in Game Of Thrones,

who stands at six feet nine inches tall and weighs an inhuman 425 pounds. Because of this, All Might is taller than any real-life mountain. It’s no surprise that the villains are terrifie of him.

9 He adores the natural world.

The cedar trees from Yakushima are one of All Might’s favorite things. Yakushima is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a vast forest of Japanese cedar trees known as yakusugi. One of the area’s most famous trees is thought to be around 2300 years old. It’s understandable that he would admire something so beautiful and historically significant!

10 Super Moves Aren’t All Named After States

All of All Might’s Super Moves appear to be name after state, with the exception of his ultimate move, the United States of Smash. There are two exceptions to this rule that may have gone unnoticed by some fans.

The first is Detroit Smash, which is a game that was name after a city rather than a state. Carolina Smash is the second. While the word “Carolina” appears in the names of two states, it is not the whole name of any state in the United States.

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