Top Ten Facts about Tamaki Amajiki.

MHA Amajiki: Suneater, also known as Tamaki Amajiki, is one of My Hero Academia’s Big Three. He is, nevertheless, a very private person, and his followers know very little about him. My Hero Academia is a popular anime series with a large cast of characters, practically all of whom are remarkable in their own right. It makes it simple for series fans to figure out which one is which. 

Most fans are aware that Tamaki Amajiki, better known as Suneater, is a student in U.A. High School Class 3-A and a member of the “Big Three,” a group comprised of Japan’s three most powerful heroes students. Fans who have followed his story arc are likely familiar with his aloof demeanour and one-of-a-kind peculiarity. In this article, we will discuss the top ten facts about Tamaki Amajiki.

MHA Amajiki

1. His Given Name

Kanji (meaning “Han characters”) are Chinese symbols used in Japanese writing. Like practically every other character’s in the My Hero Academia universe, Tamaki’s name has a secret meaning when you look at the kanji.

To begin, the term “Tamaki” is derived from the kanji “ring.” Meanwhile, the name “Amajiki” combines the kanji for “eating” with the kanji for “sky” or “heavens,” which is appropriate given Tamaki’s oddity of acquiring the physical traits of whatever he eats.

MHA Amajiki

2. His Date of Birth

Tamaki was born on March 4th, according to his character profile. In the current timeline of the series, he is 18 years old. It also implies he shares a birthday with Untenmaru Kurumada, a character from My Hero Academia who served as a driver for Pro Hero Endeavor.

MHA Amajiki

3. His stature

Tamaki’s height is another detail revealed in his character profile. Tamaki is 177 centimeters tall, or about five feet and nine inches.

This places him in the middle of the Big Three in terms of height: he’s higher than Nejire, who stands at 164 cm (about 5’4″), but shorter than Mirio, who stands at 181 cm (approximately 5’11”).

MHA Amajiki

4. His Blood Group

Tamaki has the blood type A.B., which is the world’s rarest blood type. Only ten percent of Japan’s population has it.

According to the Japanese blood type personality theory, those with A.B. blood can be controlled and rational, not making snap decisions or leaping to conclusions, but also distant and unapproachable. While this description isn’t a perfect match for Tamaki’s personality, it’s not far off…

MHA Amajiki

5. His Voice Actor

Aaron Dismuke, Tamaki’s English dub voice actor, has been performing voice work for about 18 years and has worked on shows including Fairy Tail, Dr. Stone, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Tamaki isn’t his sole role in the MHA English dub; he also performs the English dub voice of Kosei Tsubaraba, a Class 1-B student.

MHA Amajiki

6. His Favorites

Tamaki’s likes and dislikes are mainly unknown because he isn’t particularly “open” with others, but his character profile again comes to the rescue. Tamaki’s favorite thing, according to My Hero Academia mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, is butterflies.

It’s an odd choice for him, and it’s not explaine anywhere in the series, but given how much of Tamaki’s personality he keeps buried, it’s not out of character.

MHA Amajiki

7. His Early Years (MHA Amajiki)

Again, other than a few instances where Tamaki’s genuine feelings are revealed, not much is known about how he interacts with others. His childhood, on the other hand, is considerably more straight forward.

From flashbacks depicted throughout Tamaki’s tale arc, we learn that he and Mirio had been close friends since third grade. Tamaki had recently transferred to a new school and was understandably concerned when they first met, but he and Mirio could bond over their mutual love of superheroes.

MHA Amajiki

8. His Nervousness (MHA Amajiki)

Horikoshi’s characters all have a little piece of himself in them. Horikoshi’s real-life experience of transferring to a new school and meeting Mirio inspired Tamaki’s story. he social anxieties inspired Tamaki’s uneasy personality.

Horikoshi attended the 2017 Jump Festa expo hosted by Weekly ShonenJump, the magazine that published My Hero Academia in 2017. The large crowd, over 100,000, disturbed him, prompting him to design a character with comparable difficulties.

9. is Acrobatics (MHA Amajiki)

Tamaki’s two super techniques are both inspire by legendary beasts from the past. The first, “Chimera Kraken,” is inspire by the Kraken, a mythical gigantic tentacled sea monster from Scandinavian folklore. The second, “Chimera Centaur,” is inspire by Greek mythology’s Centaur, a half-human, half-horse creature.

Another fabled creature is the “Chimera,” a monster made up of parts from various animals. This directly references Tamaki’s transformation into a “hybrid” to perform the aforementioned super moves.

10. Most Popular (MHA Amajiki)

Tamaki isn’t one of the most popular My Hero Academia characters because he’s a minor character who doesn’t get much screen time.

On the other hand, Tamaki came in 22nd with 292 votes in a recent poll of Japanese readers held by Weekly Shonen Jump, ahead of both Mirio (25th with 245 votes) and Nejire (38th with 67 votes). Perhaps he’s now getting the recognition he so well deserves? It’s only a matter of time…

When compared to other male celebs we’ve seen, he’s on the shorter side.

Before the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came in at 5’2 (and Gimli much shorter), Wolverine was the shortest comic character we’d seen at 5’3, but Damian Wayne (Robin) is only 5’4. Miles Morales is barely an inch taller than Goku, who stands at only 5’7.

One-Punch Man, Ryu, and Nightwing all come in at 5’9, followed by Spider-Man, Daredevil, Green Arrow at 5’11, and Beast at 5’12.


Tamaki is a tall, light-skinned young man. His ears are longer than usual, with pointed points that resemble those of an elf. He has unruly indigo hair that sticks out behind his head, as well as thin, tired-looking eyes that are partially hidden by his bangs, even though they’re supposed to be divided so he can see. He keeps his shoulders bent and avoids making eye contact with others. To be clear, this does not assist us in developing his routine: Tamaki is exceedingly quiet, aloof, unhappy, “intimidating,” and introverted, particularly around her friends and family.

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