Top 10 Facts about Yuga Aoyama

MHA Aoyama: Yug, but he has some interesting facts from the anime My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia tells the story of a group of heroic students willing to train their quirks (superpowers) to become proper heroes. Izuku Midoriya is the main character, a courageous young man who is granted the quirk One For All, which allows him to achieve incredible hitting strength and become the new Symbol of Peace. He enrolls in U.A. and meets several other aspiring heroes. Let’s explain ten little-known facts that make Yuga Aoyama who he is.

MHA Aoyama

1. He Has The Look Of A Prince

From sunny kingdoms in isekai programs to adaptations of Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella, there are many love references and homage to European royalty and aristocracy in the world of anime and manga. It includes My Hero Academia, with Yuga Aoyama as its embodiment.

This kid acts like Prince Charming, and don’t forget about his perfectly coiffed hair, lovely purple eyes, and long lashes. He’s like a typical pampered king-to-be, and he’s the star of his show, even if he’s not the real star of the show.

MHA Aoyama

2. He also speaks in a princely manner

Yuga doesn’t just have good looks; he also sounds like a prince, or at least acts like his family has a lot of money. He’s a little arrogant, and his ordinary speech has a strangely condescending tone to it.

That can get old, but he’s not a thug like Bakugo or a mega-pervert like Mineta. Even so, a star appears frequently in Yuga’s speech bubbles, indicating a noble tone of voice. 

MHA Aoyama

3. He has insecurities in his personal life

Now that it’s out in the open, it makes sense. What other reason could there be for an unimpressive individual to act so attractive? Over-compensation is a common technique to deal with insecurities in real life, and Yuga Aoyama does it with every breath he takes.

We don’t despise him for it, though. He’s not a nasty guy; he’s simply a child who is embarrassed by his oddity (navel laser). Like Eijiro Kirishima in middle school, Yuga was convinced that his quirk was bad and useless and that it was unfit for a hero to exploit. But, somewhere along the way, he must have summoned the fortitude to enroll in U.A. nevertheless and set his sights on a brighter future.

MHA Aoyama

4. His Armor Is Built Around His Weirdness

Some hero costumes are just ornamental, like All Might’s or Rikido Sato’s, but most of them are tailored to either highlight or mitigate the user’s peculiarity. Ochaco’s attire aids in the reduction of disorientation caused by her zero-gravity abilities, while Iida’s costume is designed to keep powerful winds from blinding him.

Yuga Aoyama follows in his footsteps, but his armor is more for quirk enhancement than for defense. His navel laser burns him out quickly on its own, but his armor can channel that energy to make it more focused and last longer. Consider the optics in a factory’s laser-cutting head.

MHA Aoyama

5. He’s a “Meh” type of student (MHA Aoyama)

What a pity. Despite his big rhetoric and magnificent hero suit, Yuga Aoyama can’t take a quiz to save his life. Students in-hero class 1-A are ranked based on various factors, including their success on the quirk appraisal test and their paper grades. After all, this is still a school. Yuga has a difficult task ahead of him. We’re still cheering for him. He has time to mature.

MHA Aoyama

6. He’s a terrible duelist (MHA Aoyama)

Yuga’s quirk, navel laser, is an excellent choice for a support quirk because it fires quickly and can easily cover a large area. With a blinding beam of light that boasts kinetic hitting power, he’s almost like a human sniper.

But don’t expect him to fight one-on-one. Yuga’s melee abilities are limited, and you won’t require One For All to defeat him. In the Sports Festival event, he faced Mina Ashido. Using her acid gliding powers and dancer abilities, she evaded Yuga’s laser, melted his lens belt, and knocked him out in one hit. Yuga is more effective when someone else stands between him and the enemy.

MHA Aoyama

7. He Can Make A Sacrifice (MHA Aoyama)

Many of Yuga’s flaws have been explored in this list, but now it’s time to focus on what makes him a good hero contender. Making such a bold and imaginative sacrifice is a desperate act, but it is sometimes necessary to save lives. It speaks well of Yuga’s character, and most of all, his classmates took advantage of the situation to triumph. Yuga was not disqualified; he passed the test as well, which is amazing.

MHA Aoyama

8. He has a soft spot for Izuku (MHA Aoyama)

Izuku is an outlier in-hero class 1-A, a young man who has just recently acquired a quirk but has a complete understanding of its abilities. Bakugo is privately envious, and Shoto is plain skeptical, but Ochaco supports him as a friend. Izuku certainly attracts a lot of attention here.

Yuga, on the other hand, is nice to him and recognizes himself in our green-haired Hero. Yuga recognizes that both of them have flaws that sabotage their respective users. Izuku appreciated Yuga’s kind remarks once he got over the shock of Yuga speaking to him. Even if his royal attitude is a bit irritating, Yuga is one of Izuku’s pals here at U.A.

9. His first concept was very similar to mine.

Before commencing a series, any comic book artist or mangaka must create concept art to determine how each character would appear. Some pupils in-hero class 1-A underwent minor changes, while others underwent significant changes. For example, Ochaco was planning to have Mt. Lady’s size-expansion abilities at some point.

Yuga didn’t change much in the concept image, albeit his hair was slightly longer, and he wore disco-style bell-bottom pants. It appears that the characters in My Hero Academia have longer hair in most concept art drawings. They all appeared to have had haircuts before the action began.

10. He has a strong sense of intuition.

Let’s take a look at another of Aoyama’s strong suits: his perception. He’s neither a combat genius nor a stellar student, but he’s also not completely stupid. He doesn’t just think about himself all day; he notices what’s going on around him.

Do you recall the moment with the navel laser diversion? Yuga was strategizing and determining that he was a dead weight among his students, so he devised that diversion to mitigate the class’s losses and gain time for the remainder. Meanwhile, he picked up on Ochaco’s crush on Izuku, and she became so agitated that she let go of the railing and flew straight into Thirteen. It surprised the hero teacher, as well as Ochaco and Yuga.

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