Top ten facts about Kai Chisaki

MHA Chisaki: Kai Chisaki is a relatively new (relatively speaking) character in the anime. Fans of the manga, on the other hand, are well aware of who he is and what he is up to. Before the anime continues, here are ten facts about the antagonist you should be aware of.

As a series, My Hero Academia has been a huge success. So, it’s no surprise that fans have been delving deep into all of the characters and their backstories. With that in mind, we’d like to focus on one particular character. Chisaki, Kai Perhaps you’d recognize him better under a different alias: Overhaul. In this blog, we will read about Kai Chisaki.

MHA Chisaki

1. The Past (MHA Chisaki)

Kai Chisaki was recruited into the Yakuza at a young age. His fervent devotion to Shie Hassaikai drove him to kill anyone who dared to oppose the leader. Naturally, this implies that he has led a rather bloody life and he is perfectly content with that.

Kai Chisaki’s violence has escalated to the point where Shie Hassaiai has attempted to restrain it. You can, however, see how well that went.

MHA Chisaki

2. Overtake (MHA Chisaki)

Kai Chisaki has a quirk that earned him the moniker Overhaul. This quirk allows him to disassemble and reassemble objects as he pleases. He can directly affect it as long as he can touch it. We’ve seen him change his opponents, allies, himself, and the objects around him, so there doesn’t appear to be any limit to what he can manipulate. It’s a terrifying quirk that has earned him a well-deserved reputation. It’s also why the League of Villains had such a difficult time opposing him.

MHA Chisaki

3. Combination (MHA Chisaki)

The overhaul has learned to create fusions, which is a terrifying thing to do with his quirk. That means he can combine two (or possibly more) characters to create something better or stronger (though he could theoretically do the opposite as well).

The overhaul has merged with two different characters, Shin Nemoto and Rikiya Katukame. The first fusion provided him with two extra arms as well as spiky claws (and more). The second fusion transformed him into a stone-like creature with clawed hands. When it comes to fusions, he appears to prefer claws.

MHA Chisaki

4. Statistics (MHA Chisaki)

Overall, Kai Chisaki is a fairly well-balanced antagonist. The Ultra Analysis Book (an official book containing stat rankings for the majority of characters in MHA) has a lot to say about his specific skill sets. His lowest stat is power, which is only ranked as a three. Given the damage he can cause, that may be difficult to believe.

MHA Chisaki

5. Mark (MHA Chisaki)

It may seem unlikely that a character like Kai Chisaki would ever get a scar, but that is exactly what occurred here. The overhaul has a very small scar on his forehead over his left eye. This is a scar he received not long ago during his battle with the League of Villains. You’d think he’d just reset himself to remove the scar and maybe he did but never got around to it. That, or he was holding it to make a point.

MHA Chisaki

6. Mask for the Plague

Overhaul’s plague mask isn’t just for show though we have to admit, it’s a memorable look. Kai Chisaki is a germaphobe. He has several fixations and obsessions with the concept of cleanliness. And it’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t want to be touched by others or do anything he considers unsanitary.

That includes breathing the same air as other people. This is where the mask comes in. His plague mask has an integrated air filter, harkening back to the original purpose of a plague mask.

MHA Chisaki

7. A Debt That Must Be Paid

Kai Chisaki grew up on the streets, and you can imagine how horrible and lonely that must have been for him. But it was Shie Hassaikai, the Yakuza’s leader, who personally took Chisaki in and made sure he was well cared for.

As a result, Overhaul is convinced that he owes Shie Hassaikai a debt. Kai Chisaki may be the only person he genuinely cares about. It’s also one of the reasons Overhaul is attempting to eliminate quirks (no quirks mean the Yakuza could come back into power).

MHA Chisaki

8. Humans have no worth

This is probably obvious to anyone who has spent even a minute observing Kai Chisaki’sbehavior. He has no worth in terms of human life. It isn’t valuable to him, and he doesn’t care about anyone (possibly including himself). The only exception is the man he thought saved his life and turned his life around (see above).

Chisaki regards humans almost as pawns, which he can use and discard as he pleases. It’s a risky outlook, especially given how damaging his quirk can be. It does, however, explain his treatment of Eri.

9. His Weird Beliefs

This may seem counter-intuitive, but Overhaul strongly believes that quirks are directly responsible for the state of society today; in other words, he despises quirks and believes that they should be eliminated. It’s ironic, given how frequently we’ve seen him employ his quirks.

He’s feeling this way for a complicated reason. For one thing, he believes they encourage people to become heroes rather than villains (again, ironic). For another, he believes in the theory that quirks are the result of rats, and as previously stated, he is quite particular about cleanliness.

10. Fate in the End

There’s no denying that Kai Chisaki is a driven character. Those with the most ambition, however, are sometimes the ones who suffer the most. The overhaul also managed to irritate a number of heroes, including Lemillion and Deku. That is never a good thing for one’s health.

Some fans may be surprised to learn that Overhaul was properly dispatched during the upcoming fight (we’ll save the who and why for your viewing pleasure). After he was killed, the League of Villains intercepted his police car in order to exact their own form of vengeance. They also took his arms and, with them, his ability to use his quirk. It’s a harsh end to Kai Chisaki’s career, but he certainly deserved it.

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