Top 10 Facts about Deku (Izuku Midoriya)

MHA Daku: IzukuMidoriya, often known as Deku, is a hero who is much more than just a hero. He’s a well-developed Shonen protagonist who’s gone through a lot of character growth since the show began. IzukuMidoriya is one of the most recent shonen protagonists to gain popularity in the anime community.

Many people admire his adorably nervous nature, as well as his resolve to be a hero despite being born without a quirk. Even his most ardent supporters do not know everything there is to know about him. We’re here to help you out with some Deku trivia and entertaining facts!

1. Deku Was Supposed To Grow Up

Looking back at Deku’s early character art, it’s evident that he was initially intending to be an adult, implying that My Hero Academia as a whole was an afterthought.

It is especially striking because the school concept seems to be well-thought-out, which it is, but only because Horikoshi later determined that a tale set in that environment would be far more intriguing than the substance of the original one-shot on which the manga was based. Not only that, but Deku use to have swoopy emo hair.

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2. Horikoshi’s Childhood Inspired Izuku’s

Deku and his mother had a scene together when they were younger [where Deku’s mother says, “Help me!” and Deku says, “I am here!”] When Horikoshi was younger, I practiced doing the related things with my mother when playing in the park.

It was dub from “The King of the Jungle” by us. My mother would go into the backyard jungle gym and say, “Please save me, Leo,” which I used to call myself when we used to play this game together.

We wanted to include that in the story since many people recall pretending to be Leo and playing with my mother at the playground.

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3. Deku Went to Great Extensive Efforts To Hide His Weirdness

Deku didn’t need his quirk revealed to anyone but his closest pals when it was unavoidable, and All-Might, given that the Pro-Hero gave him the quirk and all.

Deku’s official papers only showed a generic entry of Super-Power when he registered for school to draw any more attention to the fact that he was the wielder of One-For-All. While this may have sound like a decent idea at the time, isn’t it a little odd that it didn’t listen?

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4. His popularity has dwindled in recent years. (MHA Daku)

Deku was the most famous character in the anime when it incipiently premiered, according to various polls. However, as time has passed, the ranks have generally shifted. In the most recent election, Deku has dropped to third place. Still, in our opinion, this isn’t because Deku isn’t a fantastic Shonen protagonist,

but rather because the program features so many diverse and exciting characters. A lot of the time, it doesn’t make Deku the center of attention.

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5. His Nickname Doesn’t Have the Most Pleasant Beginnings.

IzukuMidoriya wasn’t always Deku, but when he was, he proudly wore the title. Because he lacked a personality, the Nickname Deku was initially an insult to him. Bakugo give it to him at first and call him Deku to compare him to a wooden training puppet, meaning that all Deku was suitable for was getting beaten up.

Eventually, OchakoUraraka consoled him and said that the name reminded her of Dekiru, which means “to be able to do,” and that he felt power in the title.

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6. His real name is chock-full of puns that tell the story of his life.

A prevalent feature in many anime that doesn’t always translate well into localizations is that these names frequently use puns to relate to character attributes. It gets lost in English, but in the instance of IzukuMidoriya, the name pretty well sums up his entire character development.

The title includes the words “Green” and “Valley,” signifying his skin tone. He also has Izu’s character, which roughly translates to “one’s time to continue.” His real name expresses his difficulty and explains that overcoming it is his goal.

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7. He was supposed to keep his eccentricities to himself.

Deku was plan to be quirkless from the start of MHA (or the prewriting, to be more precise). Time this may not make sense in the show’s context because over 80% of people have quirks; we can see that this notion was still pursuing a while because Deku begin without an abnormality and then was give One-For-All, which is possibly one of the best oddities ever. Fortunately for Deku, All-Might noticed his excellent heart and hero potential and concluded he was deserving.

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8. He shares Ichigo Kurosaki’s birthday. (MHA Daku)

Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character of Bleach, is another protagonist from a well-known Shonen manga. Similarly, Deku didn’t have a quirk at first, and Ichigo wasn’t anything remarkable, essentially just being a high schooler.

He developed into a superb Hollow-slayer throughout time. Deku, too, eventually rose to prominence as a Pro-Hero legend. Even if it was an accident, it makes sense that Deku had this birthday, but we prefer to believe Horikoshi did it on purpose.

9. Katsudon is his favorite dish. (MHA Daku)

Despite the time we have spent with Deku, we don’t know much about him personally. As he interacts with the pro, we watch his battles, relationships with his peers, and fully formed heroes. It’s rumore that his favorite food is Katsudon, a noodle soup dish creates with a bed of rice, pork cutlets, eggs, and a slew of other ingredients that results in a delectable dish that’s hugely famous in Japanese cuisine.

10. His Hero’s Name Can Be Interpreted in a Variety of Ways

When Izuku was first called Deku, it wasn’t in a good way. Bakugo called him that because it’s a different way of reading Izuku, which means ‘wooden figure or puppet,’ and is usually use to denote a useless individual who won’t amount to much. He chose it because she believed it was an inspiring name.

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