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MHA Endeavor: Endeavor, the flame wielding warrior, is one of My Hero Academia’s most interesting characters, and here’s all you need to know about him. Since the introduction of the fire bending hero Endeavor, fans have harbored some resentment toward the man who would eventually dethrone All Might as the number one hero. Though fans have been told that he has aspired to be the world’s greatest hero his entire life,

he doesn’t exactly act like someone who is battling for justice. In this article, we will discuss the top ten facts about Endeavor.

MHA Endeavor

1 As well, he is almost the number two teacher.

Though he has spent his whole career as a professional hero as the number two to All Might, there was a moment when he was almost the number two as a teacher. Horikoshi considered having Endeavor teach at UA, but it never made it into the manga or anime.

However, he later rejected this notion after realizing that having the number one and number two hero at UA would make any problem at the school or with the students settle quickly and painlessly.

MHA Endeavor

2 Match Called On A Technicality (MHA Endeavor)

Endeavor has played second fiddle to All Might, the world’s best hero, during his career as a professional hero. While this irritated Endeavor, the fiery hero was constantly compelled to push himself further to close the gap between himself and the number one hero. But, as All Might retires and Endeavor takes over as the number one hero,

the hero can scarcely contain his wrath because he had never been able to close the gap despite becoming the number one hero. And he’d never be capable to repeat.

MHA Endeavor

3 Becoming The Number 1 Hero

Endeavor is at a loss after being the number one. While he has finally achieved his dream of being the world’s greatest hero, it came to him on a technicality, and it hasn’t changed who he is. His personal life was still in shambles, despite his status as the world’s greatest hero. There was nothing he could do to repair the shattered parts of his life.

he had spent his entire life destroying. However, Endeavor recognizes that to truly become the number one hero (and a genuine man),

he needs to face his previous sins and seek to make right with the members of his family who he had wronged.

MHA Endeavor

4 Hot Headed Hero (MHA Endeavor)

While he is regarded as one of history’s greatest heroes, Endeavor is also one of history’s most heinous villains. Both the hero community and the public of Japan are well aware of his short temper and hot headedness. While followers of Endeavor believe that his demeanor is necessary for inspiring dread in the hearts of enemies, opponents argue that, while this is true,

there must be a balance when it comes to caring for the citizens he has pledged to protect.

MHA Endeavor

5 His Quirk: Hellflame (MHA Endeavor)

Endeavor’s quirk, sometimes known as Hellfire or Hellflame, allows him to quickly defeat his foes while also managing the flames to the point where they do not damage the villains or the locals. Thanks to his very accurate management of the flames he commands, the Endeavor can do things that would not be expected.

MHA Endeavor

6 Low Temp Attacks are used against weaker enemies.

Even though Endeavor is the number two (and eventually number one) hero, many fans and people of My Hero Academia’s world are likely unaware of how impressive Endeavor is. When managing an element as powerful and destructive as fire, Endeavor must exercise extreme caution to ensure that.

he keeps the population safe and not killing or injuring the villains he is fighting. Endeavor employs significantly lower temperature flames to appease his enemies in these situations when dealing with weaker foes.

7 The Dangers Of High Temp Attacks & Killing Strong Enemies

While Endeavor has honed his ability to take out weaker foes with low temperature flames, he can also raise the heat when dealing with the most difficult foes. Though Endeavor has tremendous control over how his flames are expelled and the temperature at which they emerge,

boosting the temperature to knock down a serious rival has some very catastrophic effects. One of the primary risks of increasing the heat for Endeavor is that his body temperature rises in tandem with the flames. He doesn’t have the same ability to cool himself as his son. Thus it can get really hot for him.

MHA Endeavor

8 Endeavor’s Unwavering Will (MHA Endeavor)

Through Endeavor’s quirk is extremely potent, it wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous if one of his greatest weapons, his indomitable resolve, weren’t present. While Endeavor would eventually become the world’s greatest hero; he would never have achieved those heights if he hadn’t been so tenacious. 

However, this same ambition drives him to destroy every last bridge in his personal life, especially when it comes to his family. The Endeavor took a long time to realize that his passion and never say die attitude was not always positive traits.

9 Friendships for Birthdays

Endeavor’s zodiac sign is Leo, and he was born on August 8th. The sun is the ruler of this fire sign. For Endeavor, the flame hero, this makes perfect sense. However, fans have been exposing to another hero who shares the same birthday.

This hero may be larger than life, confident, and outspoken, just like Endeavor, but it still doesn’t make sense that they’re the same person. Fat Gum, of course, is the protagonist. So, do they get together every year for a pizza party or something? Endeavor and Fat Gum have always been the best birthday buddies.

10 He’s a total jerk

While he is renowne as the number two hero in the public eye, Endeavor has always been far from heroic in his private life. He’s not only forming a family with the sole aim of producing an heir capable of dethroning the world’s greatest hero, All Might,

but he’s also tremendously abusive to his family. There hasn’t been a single member of Endeavor’s family who he hasn’t abused. His offspring, or at least those judged “failures,” were abandone by their father after he labeled them “failures.

” His wife, probably more than anybody else, bore the brunt of his fury. Last but not least, there’s Shoto, who had to face the brunt of his father’s attention after his strange behavior became apparent.

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