Top ten facts about Toru Hagakure

MHA Hagakure: Toru Hagakure is one of the most important characters in My Hero Academia’s third season. Toru is a perky, cheerful, and easy-going girl who, while being controlled, maintains a positive attitude in most situations. She has a strong desire to socialize and appears to like shopping. Her room gives the impression that she enjoys plushies and other charming items. In this blog, we will cover the top ten facts about Toru Hagakure.

Toru is a small girl with an almost impenetrable body. She can only be identified by holding or wearing goods such as clothing and accessories, and when clothed, her figure seems to be slender but curvy. Her hero costume includes solely of a pair of light blue gloves with faint pink lines and light brownish-grey lace-up shoes, due to the nature of her Quirk.

MHA Hagakure

1. She has an amazing move

Some may argue that Toru is one of those heroes whose abilities have little to no impact in battle. Despite having a quirk that provides nothing more than total invisibility, Toru has discovered a way to push her ability beyond its limits.

In the first phase of the Provisional Hero License Exam, for example, she uses her invisibility to refract and create a burst of light through her body, easily blinding her enemies. This ability adds an intriguing twist to her ability. It implies that, in addition to invisibility, she may be able to manipulate her molecules in such a way that when light passes through her body, a desired refractive index is produced.

MHA Hagakure

2. Her Name Refers to Her Quirkiness

Her full name is Toru Hagakure, as many fans are already aware. The kanji for “leaf” in her surname is “ha,” and the kanji for “to disappear” is “gakure.” When it comes to her first name, the kanji “tru” means “invisible.”

When read as a whole, her surname “hagakure” translates to “hidden in leaves.” This intriguing reference to her ability in her surname suggests that her parents may also be gifted. That also raises the possibility that her quirk is inherite.

MHA Hagakure

3. Toru may get her own arc in the future (MHA Hagakure)

Toru’s quirk hasn’t been explored to its full potential despite being one of the few heroes whose quirks are always active. Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi even admitted in volume two that he hasn’t had the time to develop Toru’s character yet. Toru, hopefully, will get some much-neede development in the anime’s upcoming arcs, and her quirk will be exploring and explain in detail.

MHA Hagakure

4. Toru’s Relative Positions and Statistics (MHA Hagakure)

All U.A High students are rank and grade base on a variety of criteria. Toru’s rankings are as follows: she ranks 16 based on her seating arrangement in class 1-A, she ranks 18 in the Quirk Apprehension Test, she ranks 16th in overall grades, and she ranks 42 in the annual U.A. Sports Festival First-Year Stage. Toru can refract light that passes through her,

allowing her to intensify the light into a blinding flash in addition to the stealth abilities granted to her by her invisible body. The Ultra Archive Book reveals a lot about Toru’s official stats. According to Ultra Archive, she has a perfect 5/5 in cooperativeness, a 4/5 in intelligence and technique, a 3/5 in speed, and a 2/5 in power.

MHA Hagakure

5. Originally, she was intended to be a male character

Toru was originally suppose to be a male character, according to her profile in the manga’s second volume. However, due to the lack of female characters in the series, the mangaka decided to include her in the female cast.

Another reason Toru was chosen as a female character was that the mangaka thought it would be more amusing to have a female character with an invisible body. Her character, as expected, brings some gimmicky humor to the table.

MHA Hagakure

6. Her peculiarity is a mutation (MHA Hagakure)

Although it is never explicitly state in the series, many fans believe Toru’s invisibility is a mutant-like trait. There are three types of quirks: emitter, mutant, and transformation. Those with mutant quirks have physical “oddities” that appear to be permanent and contribute to their quirks. Toru’s invisibility is thought to be her natural state because she is always invisible. Toru’s body has a kind of transparency that allows her to remain invisible, similar to how Ojiro walks around with a tail all the time.

MHA Hagakure

7. She isn’t one of the show’s most popular characters

Weekly Shonen Jump conducts popularity polls for My Hero Academia characters in both Japan and the United States regularly. Toru does not rank among the top 40 characters in the series,

according to a recent poll in Japan conducted in 2020. Even in recent US polls, she is nowhere in the top ten, which is led unsurprisingly by Katsuki Bakugo, followed by Izuku Midoriya.

MHA Hagakure

8. Her costume, or lack thereof, distinguishes her

Not only in My Hero Academia, but in any superhero film or series, a hero’s costume plays an important role in shaping their identity. Toru, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. For her quirk to be completely effective, she must not wear a costume at all. Toru stands out from other superheroes due to these small details, despite being a minor character in the series.

9. Her astrological sign is Gemini (MHA Hagakure)

Geminis are known as the “social butterflies of the zodiac,” as they are enthusiastic, playful, and outgoing. This explains why, despite her invisibility, Toru gets along with everyone and never has a dull moment when she’s on-screen. The bubbly invisible girl, born on June 16, makes her presence known and can be seen participating in a variety of activities at the academy.

10. There are some dark theories about her identity

Many MHA fans have deduced dark theories about Toru’s characterization due to the ambiguity of her identity. Many believe she withholds her true potential on purpose to remain under the radar. By doing so, she acts as a spy for the League of Villains,

leaking all of the heroes’ secrets to them. Despite having a strong foundation, this theory is challenged by fans who are drawn to her innocent demeanour and charming personality.

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