Top 10 Facts about Mirio Togata

MHA Mirio: Mirio Togata is one of the most important characters in My Hero Academia’s fourth season, and here are some things fans may not have to know about him. In the hit superhero anime series My Hero Academia,

we meet Izuku Midoriya as he uses his new quirk, One For All, to train and become a proper hero. Eventually, he aims to replace All Might, the Symbol of Peace, and we’re all cheering him on. In this blog, we will cover the top ten facts about Mirio Togata.

MHA Mirio

1 His Favorite Things to do.

Given his Japanese ancestry, his passion for ramen is not unusual, but his love of comedy is very dependant on his personality. Mario’s sense of humor is humorous self effacement, in that he doesn’t mind if the joke is about him as long as those around him are amused.

Also, utilizes his denim covered buttocks as an introduction technique to make Eri feel at ease with the new crowd when she visits UA for the first time. He also enjoys making amusing observations now and then.

MHA Mirio

2 The Story Behind His Hero’s Name

Mirio is one of the most empathetic hero trainees at UA, with a drive to defend others that rivals if not surpass Deku’s. However, he is well aware that he will not be able to be there at every crime/disaster scene and hence will not provide universal protection as much as he wishes.

As a result, he goes by the name Lemillion, or Le Million in French, to suggest that he will only be able to complete his life ambitions if he is successful in rescuing a million people.

MHA Mirio

3 He Fights With His Experience (MHA Mirio)

To expand on the first point, Mirio worked hard to transform his ungainly quirk into a battle worthy trait. Not only is this adolescent in excellent physical condition, but he also has a wealth of on-the-job experience. As Mirio would say, there’s no alternative for the real thing. All of this stacked up quickly, and Mirio can quickly calculate

where he should dive below the ground and emerge to launch attacks from unexpected angles. He can also anticipate his opponents’ maneuvers to elude them and catch them off guard. Because of all the battlefield experience drilled into his mind, he’s constantly one step ahead.

MHA Mirio

4 Outfits & Hairstyles (MHA Mirio)

Mirio’s golden hair used to be short and spiked when he was a tiny child, but this appears to change as he approaches the middle school. In a flashback, he was seen with medium length hair pulled back into a ponytail. It’s currently somewhere in the middle,

with the back of his hair retained along the sides of his head and the front kept in the shape of a high wall. The only distinctive feature of his attire is the belt he wears,

which has a buckle in the shape of a predatory set of jaws, which contrasts with his kind personality.

MHA Mirio

5 He Was On His Way To Becoming The Next Peace Symbol

What are the similarities between Izuku and Mirio? Several things come to mind. Both brothers are great heroes who came from nothing, and they have unwavering optimism and resilience to get them through any adversity. They both hold All Might in high regard.

But there’s more: Mirio was on the verge of inheriting One For All! That’s correct. If it hadn’t been for Izuku’s heroism against the slime monster,

All Might’s famed peculiarity would have been passed down to the muscle bound kid genius Mirio Togata. Imagine what it would be like to be a part of it!

MHA Mirio

6 He is a person who always sees the bright side of things.

You’re getting the feeling that Mirio is a kind guy at this point and you’re correct! We’ve only known Mirio Togata for a short time,

but he’s already proven to be a man of exceptional character and martial prowess. He sees the best in himself and others, and he’s quick to encourage them with encouraging words. Mirio has never teased, bullied, or neglected someone in need, and he eagerly recommended Izuku to Sir Nighteye to assist the younger student.

7 Super move with a Star Wars Theme (MHA Mirio)

The Phantom Menace, which references Star Wars: Episode I, is one of Mirio’s well known super maneuvers. This finely honed technique consists of a sequence of phasings into various solid things, allowing him to fire his body out quickly by causing natural repulsion between his atoms and the surface in question.

The Phantom Menace assists Mirio in bursting out of several locations almost simultaneously, with each attack meticulously calculated in advance, ensuring a high level of specificity.

MHA Mirio

8 His Familiar Appearance (MHA Mirio)

Is that mug one you’ve previously encountered? But we’ve only just met him! Mario looks a lot like a couple of other fictional characters we’ve met, which may or may not be on purpose.

What about the popular Fallout games’ Vault Boy, with his adorable blond hair and dot eyes? Perhaps Mirio reminds you of Lucas from the Super Smash Bros. games and his home franchise, Earthbound? A face like that stays with you forever!

9 While he’s using his quirk, he can’t see anything.

Mario’s quirk is tough to master, as we learn when he gives a lecture to class 1-A on the finer details of its application. Mario must rapidly switch between solid and permeation states for various areas of his body to move as he does.

Walking through a wall takes several steps, and Mirio can’t see, hear, or even breathe because particles pass past him. That’s terrifying, and he’ll have to rely on strategy, fast thinking, and intuition to go across the battlefield in such a situation.

10 In an instant, he goes from happy to upset.

Mirio, as calm as he appears to be on the surface, can be pushed rapidly over the emotional spectrum when confronted with anything that has a significant personal impact on him,

regardless of how well he typically retains control of the situation. Unfortunately, he is technically behaving according to how he was trained when he convinces Midoriya that Overhaul should take Eri with him. Still, the awareness of her suffering makes him feel sad and sorry for his role in the event.

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