Top Ten Facts About Nana Shimura

MHA Nana Shimura: Nana Shimura had One for All before All Might, but Deku doesn’t know much else about her. The viewers, on the other hand, have seen several flashbacks to the past that have shown her. Even though that Nana has only appeared in a few flashbacks so far in the series, a lot of information about her has emerged. In this blog, we will read about Nana Shimura.

MHA Nana Shimura

1. Multiple particularities

One For All is a hugely powerful Quirk, but Nana Shimura was capable of much more. She also possessed the Float Quirk, which permitted her to suspend herself in mid-air.

It’s unclear whether she was able to fly or simply used her increased strength to leap and stay in the air. This is significant because, if All Might’s muscle form isn’t a Quirk in and of itself, she would be the last known One for All user to have a second Quirk.

MHA Nana Shimura

2. Gran Torino Has a history

Gran Torino is an old and well-known hero who first appeared when he assisted Deku in better utilizing his Quirk. It soon becomes clear that he also trained All Might before he became the number one hero.

Gran Torino, it turns out, trained All Might to fulfill a promise he made to Nana Shimura. They were close friends and allies who collaborated to save others. Gran Torino only fulfilled his promise to Nana after her death.

MHA Nana Shimura

3. The Smile Has Been Passed Down

All Might’s constant smile is one of his distinguishing features. He always saved people with a big smile on his face, no matter how bad the situation was. Deku is starting to do the same thing, forcing himself to smile in the face of overwhelming odds.

Nana started this trend and made it a point to teach All Might to smile while saving others. She stated that this assisted in saving a victim’s heart in addition to their life. This straight forward yet effective style has now influenced three generations.

MHA Nana Shimura

4. I succumbed to the all-or-nothing mentality

All For One is the inverse of One for All, allowing the user to steal Quirks from others. All For One was an antagonist for each One for All user, and Nana was no exception. Gran Torino and All Might also took part in their final battle, which did not go well.

Nana sacrificed herself and died at the hands of All for One in order to save their lives. All Might’s hatred for him grew even stronger as a result, and their conflict became far more personal than with the previous One for All consumers.

MHA Nana Shimura

5. A Fractured Family (MHA Nana Shimura)

Nana Shimura was not only a pro athlete but also a mother and wife. While little is known about her past, what has been revealed is tragic. All For One pursued her husband and murdered him, destroying their happy family.

Nana was devastated by her husband’s death and didn’t want her son to suffer the same fate. She decided to give him away to be raised by others and made Gran Torino and All Might promise not to look for him again. While this kept him alive, it caused a huge schism between them, which he has never forgotten her for.

MHA Nana Shimura

6. A tainted Grandson (MHA Nana Shimura)

All For One chose Tomura Shigaraki, whose real name is Tenko Shimura, as his successor. He is the League of Villains’ leader and has shown a strong interest in Izuku Midoriya. It was revealed that he is Nana Shimura’s grandson, which enrages All Might because he feels he failed her.

The fact that Tomura was her grandson played a significant role in All for One’s decision to appoint him as a successor. This is yet another jab at the deceased hero, making it extremely personal for both All Might and Deku.

MHA Nana Shimura

7. Tomura Shigaraki Created Accidentally (MHA Nana Shimura)

Tomura Shigaraki’s father, Kotaro Shimura, was the son the hero tried to give up to defend him as Nana Shimura’s grandson. This caused serious difficulties for Kotaro, which he then exploited by abusing Tenko. Tenko eventually snapped as a result of the constant abuse.

In a fit of rage, Tenko used his destructive Quirk to murder his entire family. Following these murders, he abandoned his previous name and family to become the villain Tomura Shigaraki. Nana is indirectly responsible for his fate, even though she could not have predicted it.

MHA Nana Shimura

8. A Name That Is Quite Literal (MHA Nana Shimura)

Nana Shimura’s name has two different meanings, both of which are related to her personality in the series. Nana means “seven” in Japanese, and she happened to be the seventh person to hold For All.

she is also another way to refer to a grandmother. This is especially fitting because Tomura Shigaraki is her grandson. In some ways, she is also Deku’s grandmother, as she initially passed the Quirk to a “father figure,” who then passed it on to him.

9. The Body of a One-Size-Fits-All User

As evidenced by Deku’s numerous broken bones, having One for All can be taxing on the user’s body. The user must be physically strong enough to use the Quirk. This was also true of Nana Shimura.

Nana was the only female One for All user, and she had prepared herself to withstand the toll. She was incredibly muscular, more so than most of the male characters on the show. It was emphasized in her brief appearances on screen how strong she had to become and how much effort it took to use the Quirk.

10. Seeing The Forefathers (MHA Nana Shimura)

Deku saw former One for All consumers for the first time at the UA Sports Festival. He wasn’t the first to notice them, but he wasn’t the first to notice them. Nana Shimura also saw a vision of previous users at one point. She told Gran Torino about the vision, but she wasn’t sure what to make of it.

It’s possible that Nana, like the Avatar in Avatar: The Last Airbender, was the first to be able to see and hear the memories of previous users. This could indicate that she and Deku are the most in tune with the Quirk and can use it more effectively.

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