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MHA Tenya lida: Izuku Midoriya, a quirky young man who receives One For All to become a pro hero like his idol, All Might, starring in the smash-hit anime My Hero Academia. Izuku enrolls at the UA heroics school, where he also meets several other young people who aspire to be heroes. Tenya Iida is one of them.

1. He reminds us of a coach

Don’t be deceived by Iida’s propensity for getting agitated. He can get along with his classmates, and he went above and above throughout summer break. Iida has such a strong feeling of responsibility that he even served as an unofficial swim coach!

Mineta, Denki, and Izuku persuaded Aizawa to let the lads from class 1-A take the school pool. While Mineta and Denki were inspecting the girls, Iida planned some extra exercises and training! There was no grumbling, but it was a well-spent day that demonstrated Iida’s leadership abilities.

Tenya lida

2. Close to His Brother

Here’s a scene from a few years ago, with both Iida brothers standing next to each other. Tanya is shown alongside Tensei, his older brother, a nice guy with a good heart. He’s also a professional hero who wore the cape before Tensei. We’re rooting for him because he’s got a great career going.

It’s no surprise that Tenya was eager to follow in Tensei’s footsteps, and Tensei’s guiding light is a constant source of motivation and inspiration for the younger brother. What a good-natured fraternity!

Tenya lida

3. He has a rash side to him

Tenya Iida is composed, disciplined, and responsible for the most part. As a heroin training and the president of Class 1-A, how could he not be? We know him in this way, yet he’s only human. Tanya, too, can get rash or emotional, building up a head of steam and then regretting it later.

Tensei was the first to fall victim to Stain during the UA Sports Festival. Tanya received the news from his mother and went away only to want assistance himself! Iida later joined the renegade students who rescued KatsukiBakugo when the League of Villains kidnapped him.

Tenya lida

4. He’s a hard worker

Iida is one of his grade’s finest students and a natural leader, but he’s more than a motivational speaker or a reader. He’s also a natural at practice, and he’ll never stop working on his quirk (Engine) and combat abilities. The path to defeating is paved with complacency!

We saw Iida’s work ethic on several occasions. For example, we witnessed Iida jogging on a track while precisely pacing himself during a pool training session and a training montage. We noticed much high-level literature on his bookshelf in his dorm room, as well as many extra glasses for the rigours of training. He’s a Boy Scout. Therefore he’s always ready!

Tenya lida

5. Fighting with Mercy

Tanya knows how to handle himself in a fight, although he isn’t as violent or reckless as some others. In reality, he knows exactly how much force is required to win a war and only employs that amount.

He did this at the University of Arizona Sports Festival, where he only employed the full force of his peculiarity against ShotoTodoroki, a kid prodigy. Iida did not strike any strong kicks against IbaraShiozaki of class 1-B or Mina Ashido of his class, nor did he need to. Instead, he defeated both girls by racing full speed through the arena and pushing them out.

Tenya lida

6. Extra Equipment (MHA Tenya lida)

Unlike some of his peers, Iida wears a somewhat heavy-duty suit for heroics, whereas others have more bare-bones attire. His clothing features a helmet that keeps strong winds out of his face, and the leggings, which have large exhaust vents that fit over his natural ones, are excellent for his Engine quirk. It’s primarily for show, but it’s also useful.

Furthermore, during their UA Sports Festival match, Mei Hatsume was ready to put all kinds of new gadgets (“babies”) to the test on Iida. Everything increased Iida’s talents even more. Those were simply prototypes, but Iida might be able to use them in the future.

Tenya lida

7. A feeling of pride (MHA Tenya lida)

Tenya Iida, on the other hand, isn’t prone to extreme conceit or arrogance, and he’s more grounded than you might expect. He doesn’t, however, let his hair down completely! To match his knowledge and leadership ability, Iida is pretty severe and uptight.

Iida is not a fan of being late or slacking about, and he will not tolerate anyone making jokes about heroics or their school. When Mei disclosed that their “duel” was simply a chance for Mei to show off her inventions to the crowd, he became enraged. Realizing he was just a test subject was a bit awkward for him!

8. He’s just half-seriously taken

This isn’t to argue that everyone is scoffing at Iida or dismissing his abilities. His peers are well aware that he is the real deal. Nonetheless, the story illustrates that Iida’s classmates do not take his responsibilities as seriously as he does for comic effect. He nags them to stay quiet, study more, and stop placing their feet on their desks, but they mostly ignore him.

Iida is irritated by this, but he always bounces back, ready to take over. To her credit, Ochaco once consoled Iida in class when he was ashamed.

9. His First Appearance (MHA Tenya lida)

Tenya Iida’s appearance has been well-documented, both in his school uniforms and his fashionable hero armour. He’s easily identifiable, yet he doesn’t strike me as particularly odd. He has a terrific way of grabbing your attention.

Tanya, on the other hand, didn’t always look like this. He was supposed to be much older and not even a student, according to early designs. He had the appearance of a scruffy Aizawa and was laughing like a lunatic. With an organic, lizard-like skull, his original costume design was terrifying. Let’s be thankful that the author chose a different path!

10. His Given Name (MHA Tenya lida)

How did the author come up with “Tenya Iida” as a name? In My Hero, Academia, several heroes and students have meaningful kanji in their names that reflect their peculiarities or other characteristics. Tenya Iida is no exception.

He is called after Idaten, the Japanese name for Skanda, a Mahayana Buddhist temple guardian. Idaten is a fast runner who is often used as a symbol for someone who can run quickly. “Idaten-ya,” or “Iida Tenya,” is the result of combining it with the exclamatory “ya.” The name has been completed!

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