Top 10 facts about Fumikage Tokoyami

MHA Tokoyami: My Hero Academia features a diverse cast of characters. Each of the characters has a distinct quirk that distinguishes them. MHA has been following the growth of a number of characters and has watched how they have progressed. Fumikage Tokoyami is one of them. He has a distinct appearance and a strong eccentricity. Tokoyami is one of the top fighters in the United Arab Emirates. He was the second runner-up in the U.A. sports festival. In his class, Tokoyami has the most passionate personality. 

Despite the fact that he is excellent friends with his peers, he has a gloomy aura about him that makes him unique. My Hero Academia is a highly recognized Shonen anime series right now, with a world of superheroes and villains similar to Marvel and DC Comics. Fumikage Tokoyami is one of those students who stick out in any crowd. His quirk is a living shadow known as Dark Shadow, and he has a crow head with a beak. Let’s have a look at the top 10 interesting and true facts about the anime character Fumikage Tokoyami. 

MHA Tokoyami

1. Unique name (MHA Tokoyami)

MHA manga artist and illustrator Kouhei Horikoshi names his characters based on their personalities, appearances, or abilities. We’re all familiar with the word ‘Yami,’ as it appears frequently in anime. When you combine the words ‘Yami’ and ‘Toko,’ you get ‘eternal or everlasting darkness.’ His first name is also a two-word combination. The characters ‘Fumi’ and ‘Kage’ in his name means ‘step’ and ‘shadow,’ respectively. His name conjures up images of a youngster fighting in the darkness. The shadow refers to his oddity, ‘Dark Shadow.’

MHA Tokoyami

2. His clothes are Punk

Fumikage Tokoyami hero outfit consists of a black robe and black boots. Simple but effective, and he resembles a fantasy priest or vampire in this manner. But he’s wearing something underneath that, even if we can’t always see it. His outfit is actually very similar to Bakugo’s: a black shirt and slightly baggy slacks, as well as a big belt with utility pouches. It seems like something the Punisher or maybe a bare-bones Batman might wear! Fumikage is as stylish as he is functional.

MHA Tokoyami

3. Highest Teamwork scores

Despite his challenging Quirk and quiet, reserved demeanor, Fumikage possesses some of the best teamwork and cooperative skills in Class 1-A. 5/5 in particular! He covers his lack of raw power and speed with strong technique and teamwork scores. During the Battle Trial Arc, where he collaborates with Midoriya, Ochako, and Mei, this becomes clear. He makes no qualms about delegating decision-making to Midoriya. There’s no denying that The Jet Black Hero’s desire to save lives goes above and beyond.

MHA Tokoyami

4. He wears a choker red in color (MHA Tokoyami)

The fact that Fumikage has a bird head is unmistakable. What about his cherry-red neck, though? He has a human body from the shoulders down and a bird head, so that isn’t his skin. He’s got a choker on. This hides the transition from his human body to his bird head, and he wears it practically all of the time. It’s a tribute to a hero he admires, a specific Dark Crystal, as to why. He’s not the only hero class 1-A kid who pays homage to a favorite hero! The pro hero Crimson Riot, for example, inspired Eijiro Kirishima’s crimson hue and manliness motif. And we all know that Izuku is highly influenced by All Might.

MHA Tokoyami

5. Apples are Fumikage favorites

If you’re curious about what the formidable Dark Shadow-wielding stoic hero eats, look no further: apples are his favourite food! There are few said theories as to why Fumikage is associated with apples; some believe it is a biblical connotation because he has crosses hanging in his chamber. In any event, it appears that our Jet Black hero wants to keep his doctors, or in this case, Recovery Girl, at a distance.

MHA Tokoyami

6. His cape supports his personality (MHA Tokoyami)

MHA fans are well aware that a hero’s outfit isn’t only for show. They’re made to complement a person’s peculiarities while also enhancing their abilities. This is also true with Fumikage. Horikoshi cleverly devised a character suit that reflects his personality. At first glance, it appears that his outfit is solely for the purpose of enhancing his somber demeanor. However, the truth is that it serves as a conduit for the black shadow’s abilities to be amplified. Fumikage’s black cape blocks out enough of the dark shadow for him to have explosive strike capability.

MHA Tokoyami

7. Fumikage does not have feathers

Many people are shocked to hear that, although being formed like a bird, Fumikage’s head is devoid of feathers. He has regular human hair instead. Not only that, but his beak isn’t a hindrance to food consumption, since he has normal human teeth underneath to assist him in eating normally.

MHA Tokoyami

8. He has traits of Human (MHA Tokoyami)

It’s tempting to believe Fumikage has ahead of feathers, but he doesn’t: his hair is all black, and it’s possibly even velvety to the touch. What are the chances? He’s not the sort to be greeted with a pat on the head. Fumikage also possesses normal human teeth, allowing him to speak and eat normally rather than pecking at seeds (what an image). However, because of his beak, eating with chopsticks is easier than with forks and spoons.

9. He is inspired by his grandfather

Tokoyami is well-known for his fondness for dark areas and holy relics. His peers made fun of him because he adorned his room in this manner. His fixation with gloomy things, though, has a reason. Tokoyami’s family and past are barely mentioned in the anime. He does have parents and a grandfather, though. Fumikage grew up listening to his grandfather tell him scary stories when he was a kid. He became enamoured with them and acquired a distinct personality as a result. His hero name, attack names, and everything else about him is linked to religions from all over the world in some way.

10. He is the second shortest on the list

In terms of height, Fumikage is only second to Mineta among the boys. He is significantly shorter than Midoriya Izuku, standing at 158cm at the age of 16. This is probably in line with his aim to stay out of the spotlight. He appears to enjoy remaining unseen. He is quite short in height in his standard

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