Top 10 facts about Mimosa Vermillion Black Clover 2022

Mimosa Vermilion is one of Asta’s most powerful characters and the story’s top healer. In contrast to the tsundere Noelle, she occasionally expresses her affection for Asta. When she appears in the second arc of the program, Black Clover’s Mimosa is one of the first Magic Knight guild members outside of the Black Bulls to be presented to the viewers. She is a Golden Dawn member and descends from the well-known House Vermillion, close to the royal family.

Mimosa, a generally quiet girl, stands out right away when she forms a relationship with Asta, competing with Noelle for the protagonist’s affections. Mimosa’s proximity to the major characters has resulted in her receiving some of the most character development outside of the core cast, despite not getting as much screen time as Asta or Noelle. Here, take a look at some interesting facts about Mimosa Vermillion.


10. Mimosa Wears Fancy Attires

Mimosa dresses up in a puffy cream-colored sweater with long sleeves, white puffy short pants, and a brown corset in her role as a noblewoman. She also wears a lighter brown-colored fabric with ruffled edges beneath the corset. The front of the corset is secured with strings. Her shoes are a pair of knee-high boots snugly fitted to her legs and reached above her knees. They’re light in color and feature a split in the top held together with strings. Below the collars, the boots have frilly edges. On top of that, Mimosa sports a dark crimson mantle with a white lining made of a similar material as the rest of the Mantle.


9. Member of the Golden Dawn Squad

Mimosa wears the Golden Dawn team’s trademark robe over her outfit as a squad member. The robe is short and has a hood with blue-colored fur around the borders covering her torso. robe also features a pair of teal ropes coming out of the left side that link to the right-hand side button. The robe is also held together by the button. The squad’s symbol is also located on the left-hand side of the robe.


8. She is a Sweet and Polite Girl

Mimosa is a sweet young lady who never smiles when conversing with people. However, it has been suggested that she may make a rude remark behind her smile. Since she has been described as forthright to the point of rudeness, her demeanor differs from that of most nobles and royals, who enjoy disparaging those lower to them. Mimosa has a deeper appreciation for people than those nobles and royals, as evidenced by her deep respect for Noelle Silva for her hard work when the other nobles and royals mock her for her lack of magic control, as well as her growing affection for Asta and her desire to become stronger as a result of him.


7. About her appearance

Mimosa is a 15-year-old woman with a curvy figure. Her eyes are yellow, and she has long, wavy vermilion hair with bangs on her brow. She also has a pair of earrings dangling from her ears. Mimosa used to have a similar haircut, although it was shorter and extended above her shoulder when she was younger. Her outfits also have a striking resemblance to her current look. She is also clumsy, particularly as a child, when she would injure herself by tripping when there was nothing in her way.


6. Abilities of Mimosa

Mimosa can detect mana in her environment. It is her area of expertise. She gains the ability to distinguish between human and non-human magic. Mimosa wields a great deal of magical power as a princess. She has learned offensive magic alongside her support magic, which is made feasible by her vast mana pool via study and training. Gadjah considers her progress to be in the third stage. Mimosa has learned to employ the Heart Kingdom’s magic skill to broaden the range of her healing spells after receiving instruction there. Mimosa has learned the elves’ magic technique for fully embodying her magic after training with Dryad.


5. Mimosa’s Equipment

Mimosa has a grimoire with a variety of plant-based spells. It has a three-leaf clover logo on the front cover and light-colored covers. The covers are also generally decorated with plant-based embellishments. The Mantle protects magical Protection Mimosa from magical attacks. It can, however, be penetrated by powerful spells. Mimosa has a little device with which she may communicate with Marx Francois. It can broadcast both audio and video communications.


4. Mimosa respects commoners

While most of the nobles look down on the regular people, Mimosa never does. Mimosa, on the other hand, respects them. She is capable of falling in love with a commoner such as Asta. Mimosa saw a young girl stealing bread when she was very young. Her brother blamed her poverty on bad luck, while Mimosa observed the small girl sharing bread with another child. Mimosa learned from that moment on about the goodness of everyone, including commoners.


3. Mimosa loves Tea and Sweets.

Each volume of the Black Clover manga features a distinct character profile. Mimosa is one of the three characters highlighted in the character profile in the manga’s third volume. Mimosa’s According to her profile, favorite foods and beverages are candy and black tea. In other animes with upper-class families, most of them enjoy cakes and other sweet dishes, and tea is their preferred beverage. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mimosa enjoyed it because of her noble ancestry.

2. Mimosa third Best Singer

Fans of the manga have noticed that it frequently explains who is the greatest at various tasks. According to fans, Sh is the third-best singer on the show, behind Kahono and her brother Kirsch. This was revealed in the Assorted Questions volume 14 section. Hamon and Vanessa rounded out the rest of the group. Even if the audience rarely gets to watch her sing, it’s not strange that a royal could be talented in areas other than magic, especially since they are often bestowed with so much already.

1. The name refers to Herbs.

The most difficult aspect of developing characters is coming up with names, but it helps if the character’s name can be linked to what they do. Mimosa refers to a genus of herbs and shrubs in particular. This name makes great sense for Mimosa, who specializes in a wide variety of Plant Magic. The only thing that surprises that they didn’t take the name any further. Nonetheless, it distinguishes her from other Vermillions, who are famed for their expertise in flame magic.

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